Do you struggle to reach your health, wellness and fat loss goals?  

Do you have unresolved health complaints even though you have tried searching for answers from various doctors?  The struggle is real!

You must learn how to stop the cycle of trial and error!  There is an overwhelming amount of information out there with endless amount of practitioners with every kind of treatment or remedy.  I learned this personally and share my story in my book on Amazon- LIFE IS NOT A RACE.  Healing and repairing our main health complaints isn’t by taking lab tests and taking supplements.  That approach didn’t work for me and I am sure it won’t work for you either- for the long term.  How much money and time have you spent trying to get answers and feel like yourself again??

The traditional medical approach provides medication based on lab results and surgery.  If you are like me, I was searching for the quick solution to make me feel alive and thriving again… just give me which supplements my body needs to heal and repair itself!  After spending lots of money on supplements, various therapies and treatments, I finally figured out the solution myself.  It was looking at the WHOLE picture and treating the WHOLE individual all together.  The main game changer for me was working on adjusting my attitude and life schedule to slow down, relax and unplug more often.  What you may need is different that what worked best for my health and recovery.  As a FDN Practitioner, we work on filling the gap between what other medical practitioners and doctors were offering clients.

In order to fill the “gap” to help our clients heal, rebuild and recover from “METABOLIC CHAOS”, we stop chasing symptoms and start sorting out our “METABOLIC CHAOS”.  We need to start by identifying healing opportunities with the right tools as functional lab testing, coach up function while we coach down HIDDEN stressors with respect to metabolic individuality.  FDN practitioners acts as healthy detectives and help guide the client to self treat to heal the WHOLE individual from the inside out.

Instead of chasing symptoms- we work together with clients to identify the underlying conditions by correlating functional lab test results with the client’s main health complaints (clinical correlation) by implementing a therapeutic individualized “DRESS for Health Success” protocol to improve overall health rather than the typical solution of treating only the symptoms.  We can all order functional lab tests online these days but there is not just one lab to use or order.  Many health practitioners order one lab for clients and treat the test results.  In FDN, we order five main labs to help put the pieces of the puzzle together and look at the WHOLE picture instead of being sucked into the “cycle of trial and error” doing test after test.

As a FDN Practitioner, we help identify the main health complaints and correlate with lab results then create an individualized health rebuilding protocol with the “DRESS for Health Success” program.  The body can heal itself with the right natural therapies that will guide the body into building back up the health- we don’t treat anything specifically but treat everything all at once non-specifically.  We may never find out the root cause but we don’t need to as there usually isn’t just one thing that leads to METABOLIC CHAOS.  In order to unravel and solve the METABOLIC CHAOS puzzle, we need to follow as step by step approach to healing and CHRONIC STRESS is a major contributor to our chaos.

We have HIDDEN internal stressors that lead to METABOLIC CHAOS so we need to run functional lab tests to identify healing opportunities that will help guide the body back to “normal” function – a state of ease instead of dis-ease!  In order to restore our health from the inside out, we need to take a different approach and gradually (ideally) the symptoms disappear and complaints are (ideally) resolved.  If not – we take a different approach.

Define Stress:

Reed Davis, the founder of FDN-P, defines stress as any influence, internal or external that causes or leads to malfunction.  Stress is often well hidden and may involved several layers of investigation- which is what we do as FDN practitioners.  We act as a health detective to help guide the client to healing and rebuilding the WHOLE you from the inside out.

Not all stress is bad stress.  We can experience distress or eustress. Small doses of stress are healthy but when the stress becomes non-stop it is chronic and we don’t have time to recover from the stressor.

When our body functions become to malfunction from chronic stress… and when our body systems are at ease but become dis-eased as we used up our vital reserves leading to various unexplained symptoms and contribute to what is termed “METABOLIC CHAOS”.

Distress includes –

Mental and emotional stress (perceived) = fear, worry, excitement, anxiety, relationships, existential angst, lack of purpose, convertness, negative perceptions or a bad attitude.

Biochemical and trauma (physical) = trauma, micro-trauma, fractures, muscle injuries, weakness, nerve compression, repetitive or positional injury, intense and prolonged exercise, poor posture and accidents.

Chemical and biochemical HIDDEN stressors and contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS.  Inflammatory foods, additives, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, alcohol, caffeine, blood sugar, prescription medication, recreational drugs, chemicals, metals, radiation, EMF’s, antibiotics, OTC meds, exogenous hormones, parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergies, over active immune system, sleep deprivation and no exercise!

The Chronic Stress Cascade:  HIDDEN stress and imbalances- if not soon resolved – cascades into other areas- metabolic chaos ensues (the problem)- causing serious dys-function (weak link dependent)- leading to dis-ease and symptoms -how the problems appear or show up.

Learn more about the contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS and how an FDN Practitioner treats nothing specific – but treats the WHOLE athlete to recover, repair and heal.

Do you want to look better? Feel better?  Move better?

The WHOLESTIC Method Program is your solution!  An individualized approach to wellness by treating the WHOLE athlete from the inside out.

Your Coach,

Debbie Potts

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