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Angela Foster returns to The Low Carb Athlete Podcast!

How do you improve your performance in LIFE and SPORTS?

My fellow BG Coaching friend and podcaster, Angela Foster, returns to my show to dive into Nutrigenomics and personalized coaching!

I am grateful to be podcasting today again with my fellow BG coach and podcast friend Angela. Angela Foster is a Nutritional Therapist and Health & Performance Coach. She is a former partner in a large law firm who left the world of corporate law after suffering burnout and recovering from a serious illness in 2014. As a mother of three young children, Angela is on a mission to inspire and educate others on how to stay healthy and energized, while meeting the demands of combining a successful career with a vibrant and healthy family life.

Angela is a regular speaker to large corporations in helping them optimize the health and wellness of their leadership teams for high performance. Combining her expertise in nutrition and holistic health and performance with her extensive experience of the demands of corporate life, Angela has developed a unique methodology to help high achievers S.H.I.F.T into optimal health for sustained high performance. Angela is also the host of top rated podcast The High Performance Health Podcast but today Angela is a guest on Debbie’s top podcast!

Not too hot, too cold and just right amount to create a positive effect on your health from the inside out.

Debbie and Angela talk about less is more and more is not always better for the driven, ambitious, high charging individual!

We also chat about:

• Personalized nutrition- and gear towards athlete

• How to use Nutrigenomics & our unique DNA to remove the guesswork and enhance results

• Enhancing longevity and reversing your biological age – How to Live Younger Longer

• Angela’s SHIFT methodology for health optimisation for high performance

• Focussing on Sleep, Hormones, Insights, Fuel and Training

Metabolic Flexibility is our goal for fat loss, performance and longevity. We want our body to depend on the fat fuel tank as its main fuel source to keep going all day long…as slow duraflame log. We can switch to burning carbs (kindling for the fire) when needed for quick bursts of energy then switch back to burning fat. If we are fat adapted athletes!

When we eat carbs- they are broken down into glucose into blood then stored into muscles or liver- stored as glycogen. Another reason we need to build muscles- is so we build more storage area for muscle glycogen! Once your glycogen storage tanks (muscle and liver) then the excess carbs get stored as fat.

This is why lean, strong, active athletes can tolerate more carbs (strategic carb timing) and still burn fat as their main fuel tank (carbs are the back up fuel tank when need rocket fuel). Move your body to deplete muscle glycogen stores! Rememeber that “responsible” and “intuitive” fasting for athletes around 12 hours overnight or more (up to 15 hours for females) helps to use up the glycogen stores and burn fat, as well as exercising.

When you indulge- over indulge- you want to do an exercise session at low heart rate first thing in morning after fasting overnight. You can deplete the muscle glycogen stores by adding in an anerobic interval for your finisher- when appropriate. If you are going to eat your carbs- just make sure the We can not burn fat in the presence of insulin.

Remember that tip. Keep the blood sugar stable if you want to burn fat so balance your glucose with finding the right ratio of macros (protein, fat and carbs). Your meal should give you energy, satiety and reduce cravings. You can add short burst training as 30-60 seconds to help improve your insulin sensitivity before your meal and going for a walk after eating.

Move more throughout the day!

Remember again that LESS IS MORE for the ambitious, driven, high charging athlete as we tend to “stack” too many “hacks” together to overfill our beaker of stress! CHRONIC STRESS all adds up and can lead to METABOLIC CHAOS! Listen and learn from my experience.


Message Debbie to discover more.

Are you struggling to get the desired results from your current fueling, training and performance plan?

Are you trying to do all the “right” things but still feel fat, exhausted and sluggish each day?

Do you strive to get your body and VIBRANT self back again? How much fasting is good for you? When should you do fasted exercise?

When should you break a fast? When should you eat? What should you eat?

N = 1 experiment! Life is not a race, it is a journey but you can learn how to course correct with Intuitive Fueling and Training as a fat adapted athlete.

Learn how to BURN FAT, Optimize HEALTH and improve your PERFORMANCE with “The WHOLESTIC Method” coaching program. Debbie Potts interviews guests to discuss tricks and tips to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance and longevity!

How much is too much?

Become a HEALTH OPTIMIZER and start taking ownership for your health and wellness.



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