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Instead of overwhelming ourselves with a long list of big goals to achieve alone, we’re doing the Next Right Thing, one thing at a time. Together. (Of course.) We’ll have a wellness focus every month in the Club with 

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  • group challenges, activities, and live Q&As
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We’re kicking off January by focusing on detoxifying & a 16 day Keto-Green Detox Challenge

After the year we’ve had, we could all use a good reset, so just for January, Dr. Anna has dropped the price of membership in The Girlfriend Doctor Club to $1. 

You’ve given me so much over the years, and I wanted to show my gratitude by making this detox month accessible for everyone. Stick around after that, because February is slated for a relationship reset, and in March we’re going to make some changes to get free from fatigue.

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  • Hormone-balancing, body-nourishing Keto-Green meal plans
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    ​Honest truths about sexual health and hormones
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  • ​One-on-one support emails from Dr. Anna
  • ​A private community where you’ll make meaningful connections with other women
  • ​Tips for cultivating deeper intimacy
  • ​Journaling and mindset work to explore gratitude, purpose, and passion
  • ​Group challenges, activities, and discussions

What is a conventional ketogenic diet?

  1. A diet that is low in, often unhealthy, carbohydrates and high in healthy fats plus healthy protein.
  2. When we become efficient fat burners- we may experience “keto flu” symptoms in the beginning…
  3. Some women who are on a strict ketogenic diet for too long become too acidic
  4. If we are too acidic- we create chronic inflammation and force the body to hold onto fat stores

What is a Keto Green diet?

  1. Dr. Anna solved the “conventional keto diet” issues for women by adding more alkaline low carb foods as specific vegetables to make the body more alkaline
  2. Alkalinity is a healthy internal state of well-being and metabolic efficiency – burn more FAT!
  3. KETO GREEN way of eating helps you manage important hormones as insulin, cortisol and oxytocin, to help us stay in the fat burning mode. 
  4. KETO GREEN is an ideal way of eating for most women as they are in perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause stages of life!

What are the benefits of following Dr. Anna’s Keto Green plan?

  • Boost your metabolism and optimizes your hormones, allowing your body to efficiently burn fat for energy. In fact, it trains your body to burn fat!
  • Stabilizes blood sugar and makes you insulin sensitive, so you don’t have to worry as much about high blood sugar, weight gain, and various menopausal symptoms—especially hot flashes (one cause of which is insulin resistance).
  • Tames hunger pains – no more giving in to cravings.
  • Naturally detoxifies your body from pollutants, chemicals, and hormone disruptors that keep you from losing weight.
  • Supports the health of practically every organ in your body, including your heart, brain, bones, sexual organs, gut, and skin.

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Other interesting research articles on alkalinity and metabolic efficiency:

 However, alkaline diets may result in a number of health benefits as outlined below

  1. Increased fruits and vegetables in an alkaline diet would improve the K/Na ratio and may benefit bone health, reduce muscle wasting, as well as mitigate other chronic diseases such as hypertension and strokes.
  2. The resultant increase in growth hormone with an alkaline diet may improve many outcomes from cardiovascular health to memory and cognition.
  3. An increase in intracellular magnesium, which is required for the function of many enzyme systems, is another added benefit of the alkaline diet. Available magnesium, which is required to activate vitamin D, would result in numerous added benefits in the vitamin D apocrine/exocrine systems.
  4. Alkalinity may result in added benefit for some chemotherapeutic agents that require a higher ph.

Dr. Axe has a great blog as well on a Keto Alkalinity Diet with Dr. Anna

Ketosis stabilizes appetite-regulating hormones like ghrelin and leptin. And because you’re not getting that constant sugar surge, insulin levels stabilize so you don’t have the blood sugar spikes and crashes that lead to hunger and cravings. Being in ketosis also lowers inflammation that, when elevated, hordes fat.”

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Does the Keto Diet Work for Women?

The answer is yes! In the years that Dr. Cabeca has been using the keto diet to help treat women, especially those in perimenopause or menopause, she’s hardly ever seen the diet fail to produce benefits. Her clients and patients have experienced weight loss, improved blood sugar control, better quality sleep and reduced menopause symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats. Dr. Cabeca came up with the concept of combining an alkaline diet with a keto diet after weighing the benefits of very low-carb eating on one hand, with some of the negative feedback she was receiving from clients on the other. Although many of her clients experienced weight loss quickly and reliably while reducing their intake of carbs, many also reported dealing with side effects like nausea, fatigue and constipation due to the keto diet. The keto diet involves getting up to 80 percent of daily calories from sources of healthy fat, a significant change for most of her patients who were accustomed to running on carbs, caffeine and sugar for energy. It became clear that something else had to be adjusted in order to prevent the side effects associated with the keto diet. This is when she came up with the idea to focus on restoring alkalinity first and foremost.”

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