Did 2020 help you learn how to SLOW down and connect with nature?

What does your future self look like to you?

We moved the life as we knew it (pre-covid) from Bellevue, WA to Northern San Diego this past June.


Quality of Life.

My future self is going to be slow down and enjoy this new pace of life – living near the mountains in a beautiful house with a 360′ view on a hilltop west of Escondido as well as a quick 25 minute drive directly west to Del Mar, Solana Beach, or Encinitis.

My past self was always packing the days full with activites, clients, exercise, driving and more. I was always doing something.


I am waking up gradually. Make our coffee (French Press for four minutes) and do a yoga video (Inner Dimension TV) before going for a bike, run or trail run/hike from out house. Neal and I both work at home – and enjoy the outdoor living.

My future self- will be making an impact in the lives of other driven, ambitious, high performing individuals- similar to me.

My future self will be helping transform lives with the eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method”, Nutritional Therapy and the investigative process of a FDN Practitioner.

I know my story will help inpsire someone else that lives life as a race as I did… and their story may not have anything to do with athletic performance and racing endurance events.

If you want to learn more about my story- check out my book “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” and manual on Amazon (The WHOLESTIC Method), plus read my recent article published in a local magazine article in San Diego.

As I set out on my own health journey, I discovered how many people needed help as I did. Few coaches or experts were looking at the WHOLE picture and working on the lifestyle behaviors. Being “healthy” is more than just exercising more and eating right “most” of the time… which I really learned from being a personal trainer for 25 plus years! We have to make a shift and create new sustainable habits, including nutrition, exercise, stress management and sleep! I was eating all the “right” things when my health, fitness and well-being collapsed – but I overloaded my external and internal sources of CHRONIC stress. Health imbalances and symptoms are never from “one” thing but an accumulation, contributor, or a result of METABOLIC CHAOS®.




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