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Get a Jumpstart on Transforming the WHOLE you from the inside out in 2020!

Are your motivated and interested enough to work on identifying your “areas of opportunities”, resolve your health concerns, and reach your personal health goals?

As an FDN-Practitioner health and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner coach, I focus on started an investigation into your unique, individual case of “Metabolic Chaos®”, we will learn work together to how several of the chronic-stress related dysfunctions that lead or are a result of what FDN founder, Reed Davis has dubbed, Metabolic Chaos®.  

In the coaching process and new journey, you will gain awareness to your specific hidden internal stressors contributing to your body system malfunctions or dysfunctions.  You will learn how you can opt-in to self-treat to resolve your contributors to your imbalances and rebuild vital reserves. You have choice to take ownership of your own health and wellness or just continue on blaming the aging process.

Some of the hidden causes of Metabolic Chaos® that will be assessed include:

•             HPA Axis/Adrenal-related dysfunction

•             Circadian rhythm disruptions

•             Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption

•             Pro-oxidant/antioxidant imbalances

•             Dysbiosis and gut malfunction

•             Systemic inflammation

•             Immunodeficiency

•             Detoxification problems

In our investigation into your case of Metabolic Chaos® – we will work together to identify your unique underlying conditions such as the ones above. 

The FDN approach to solve Metabolic Chaos® will take you to a whole new level of optimizing your health from a cellular level to burn fat, optimize your mitochondria function and improve performance in daily life. 

Your motivation level and commitment to following your own specific FDN “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocol will be the key to your success. This is a trademarked process that uses diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplements to “coach up” vital reserve in your clients and “coach down” metabolic chaos.

We use a Three Step process to resolving your “METABOLIC CHAOS”

Step One: We assess your underlying conditions and contributors to your own unique case of “METABOLIC CHAOS”.  Our FDN investigation includes assessing your history, Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire, MC Stress score card assessment and well-chosen functional lab testing.

Step Two:  We customize your own “D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success” Program- a lab guided and individualized “The WHOLESTIC Method” behavior protocols. Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress and Supplements = D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success.

Step Three: We run the FDN Health Coaching Process.  We coach up your body functions/systems, while we coach down your contributors to your “METABOLIC CHAOS”.  We correct course as needed as you continue your journey in restoring, healing and rebuilding the WHOLE you- until you reach your optimal self and your ‘casual factors” are resolved! 

  • Everything you will do to self-treat the WHOLE you… and resolve your METABOLIC CHAOS- should improve the function of every cell, tissue, organ and body system!  
  • Self-treat- you must do the work with my support and encourage.  
  • Don’t you want to be the best version of yourself?  I know I decided I want to wake up and live each day to its fullest to enjoy the journey of life while improving the aging process.

Accountability, Commitment and Motivation is key to your success as we need to coach up function- as we depend on the innate intelligence of your body, but YOU need to guide the body back to optimal balance with the provided The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Protocol

You will not heal and rebuild the WHOLE you if you only do the “S” for supplements… your need to also follow the D.R.E.S. part of the program!  

Coach down contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS…external and internal sources of chronic stress!

The functional lab test results are NOT the problem.  Instead the lab results provide clues or insights into our “problems”, areas of opportunity or that need attention, as the labs reveal a unique pathway for you to restore optimal health levels and vitality

You can get started with my “FDN Health Detective” package.  Here is the link to set up new client account on MINDBODYONLINE here then you can purchase the 3-month or 6-month health building coaching program.

The WHOLESTIC Method Health Detective Packages:  let’s start collecting data and put the missing pieces of the puzzle together to solve your mystery of your unexplained symptoms…or you just want to optimize your health and performance in LIFE to improve the aging process. 

Let’s work together to investigate the WHOLE you with the FDN investigative 3-step process and get your started on your transformational journey so you can soon feel energetic, grateful and inspired to thrive each day.

3-Month Jumpstart Program:

  • Get started on your healing and rebuilding journey
  •  “The WHOLESTIC Method” 5-day Detox Jumpstart
  • “The WHOLESTIC Method” 30-day Digestive repair program
  • Training Peaks coaching app to keep a log
  • Start working on your transformation program with D.R.E.S.S.
  • Identify your external and H.I.D.D.E.N. internal chronic stressors
  • Five 45-minute coaching sessions
  • One 80-minute Results & Recommendations Coaching session
  • Start with three or the big five functional lab tests to get started: additional fees
    • Stress hormones ($212) or Dutch Hormone Test ($399)
    • Gut pathogens ($275) or GI Map ($359)
    • Metabolic Assessment Profile ($155)
    • Leaky Gut IP Test ($110)
    • MRT Food Sensitivity Test ($335)
    • Organic Acid Test ($279)
  • 90-Day “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” Protocol
  • Learn about your individualized recommendations to optimize the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance and longevity
  • Nutritional Therapy Assessment
  • DNA Fit Report Assessment
  • Work together to identify your
    • Your main health concerns
    • Your sources of dysfunction and imbalances
    • your main healing opportunities
  • Coaching sessions to learn the tools how to rebuild the WHOLE you to reach your goals and solve your concerns
  • Personalized recommendations for nutrition (including digestion and gut health), sleep, exercise, stress reduction, and ideal supplementation to provide the support your cells are missing that are necessary to optimize health from a cellular level.
  • Guide the WHOLE you to ideal performance and longevity

The WHOLE You Coaching Package Value:

3-month program:  session rates include prep work, video conference call and follow up.

  • 5 x 45-minute sessions ($400 value per session) = $2000 value
  • 1 x 80-minute R & R session = $900 value (once lab results are collected and assessment completed with 90-day protocol)
  • 6 x 15-minute accountability check-in call ($100 value) = $600 value  (schedule as needed during the coaching program)

Value:  $3100

  • Special New Years January Special Package Price:  $1797
  • Monthly payments $697 per month
  • Plus recommended 3 or 5 labs plus recommended supplements

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