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Episode #458 Sean Coakley on measuring metabolic biometrics

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Sean Coakley:

Sean is a highly sought after Performance Breathing Coach with over 25 years teaching and coaching experience in yoga, breath-work, nutritional sciences, quantum biology and mind-state psychology.

An avid athlete, in his younger days Sean was a Division 1 scholarship soccer player and a competitive cyclist until he experienced several life changing physical traumas, including cervical and lumbar fractures.  Through this and many other life changing circumstances Sean became highly focused on the breath’s ability to remediate pain, optimize personal performance and access the “flow state” on demand.

With formal studies and degrees, in Public Health, Epidemiology and Nutritional Sciences, Sean has a strong science-based background that brings unique insight to the art and science of Breath Performance Training that benefits everyone he encounters.  Whether chasing gold medals, preparing for the Navy Seal training, struggling or recovering from pain or illness, or sometimes more importantly simply coping with the stress of every day life, Sean’s clients benefit greatly from his insights and guidance.

Sean is a life-long educator and entrepreneur, owner and creator of BreathFlō, a globally focused performance breath training company as well as a founding equity member of Calibre Biometrics based in Boston.

In addition to the above Sean worked directly with Stig Severinsen and became the first global master instructor for his Breatheology platform and also worked with Airofit as their first global master coach in addition to helping them develop the training protocols for their platform.

Sean’s WHY?

I have a long background in public health, nutritional sciences and epidemiology. I have been a master level yoga instructor for over 20 years. Recently (last 15 years) I have been a performance breath coach and worked as a master instructor for,, my own Company BreathFlō and starting this past year am a founding member of (a game changing wearable that can track respiratory and metabolic biometrics) including fuel burn, ketosis progression and anaerobic progression. I believe you would be highly interested in Calibre as it is a new kind of “wearable” and works with the most accurate methods of tracking based on breath calorimetry.

Conversation Topics

  1. Why and how was Calibre founded?
  2. Why do you say it is game changing?
  3. What type of data is contained in the breath and why are they relevant?
  4. What are your thoughts on the “state” of wearables and remote data monitoring?
  5. How can we test for metabolic flexibility?
  6. How does this benefit the endurance athlete?
  7. Could we use this to help us determine what and when to eat to burn fat as our main fuel source?
  8. Does it compare to breath tests as Levels for resting metabolism RQ?
  9. Fasting benefits?


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