Kion Essential Amino Acids Protocol

Endurance Athletes:

Note: aminos pre and intra for aerobic activity are primarily for energy source, to prevent muscle breakdown, and muscle fatigue. Aminos pre for strength training prime muscles for MPS and prevent muscle breakdown. Post strength is for MPS.

Endurance training if less than 3 hours:

  • Pre-training: 5-15g
  • Intra training: 5-10g every additional hour of training (can be sipped throughout)
  • Post-training: 5-15g (benefits are linear up to 15g and start to flatten out beyond 15g)


During endurance training if over 3 hours:

  • Post endurance training workout: 10-20grams

Fasted EASY Aerobic Training in Morning (below MAF):

  • Pre-workout: 5g-15g
  • LMNT or ReLyte in water or Quinton Hypertonic
  • Post training: 5-15 g

Strength training protocol

  • Pre-strength: 5-15 grams
  • Post strength workout: 5-15 grams


Debbie’s Post Training Recovery & Repair shake stack:

  1. Kion Whey protein or Equip Beef Protein (unsweetened)
  2. Kion Essential Aminos
  3. Kion Colostrum
  4. L’Glutamine
  5. Redmond’s Real Sea Salt
  6. Frozen Avocado (1/2)
  7. Mushroom adaptogens as Lairds, OM or Four Sigmatic
  8. Maca and ashwagandha mix
  9. Raw nut butter as sunflower
  10. MCT oil if need meal replacement- more fat


Sleep Optimization for recovery and repair:

  1. Kion Sleep 3 caps
  2. Stack with (N = 1 experiment so track with OURA or WHOOP)
  3. BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough
  4. Thorne Glycine 5g


Kion Note: 

  • We do not recommend Aminos before going to bed for the purpose of improving sleep.
  • High amounts of leucine as is in Kion Aminos is great for muscle protein synthesis and recovery but does not have proven benefits for sleep and intuitively seems contradictory to sleep (as leucine competes for the same pathway as tryptophan).
  • We recommend Kion Sleep for sleep which is an amino acid formulation specifically for sleep (tryptophan, gaba, and theanine) that has extensive clinically proven benefits.
  • We only encourage people to take Kion Aminos before bed if their goal is maximizing MPS at the potential expense of restful sleep.


Every person’s body is different and they should follow what works for them.

Suggestions by Kion CEO, Angelo Keely

The Lyon Protocol: Meal Ideas and Timing

  1. Prioritize protein 30-50 grams per meal
  2. Hit your protein macro day per day = ideal body weight (130 lbs ideal weight = 130 grams of protein per day)
  3. Nutrient rich based food plan
  4. Add healthy fats and strategic carb timing (vegetables) with starchy carbs for post higher intensity workout or before bed to restock for next day’s workout session in the morning (12-15 hour overnight fast)

 Dr. Lyon’s Protein Synthesis Tips:

  1. Build muscle by lifting heavy weights (foundation training first)
  2. Prioritize protein by eating 30-50 grams each meal -spread out.
  3. Avoid eating 3 hours before bed
  4. Wait to eat in morning to break-fast
  5. Add in bone broth for gut health and repair
  6. Add in Essential Amino Acids (Kion) pre and post workout
  7. Add in Protein Shake as Kion Whey or other to get more protein and superfoods for gut repair.

The Food Matrix:

Meal plan for a week example: pick a protein and vegetable as per the list

  1. Meatballs – half chorizo/half beef + onion + garlic 
  2. Turkey burgers + iceberg lettuce wrap + avocado +
  3. Steak -+ Zucchini Noodles with Ghee
  4. Salmon + Roasted Broccoli + Pesto
  5. Chicken or steak skewers + Coleslaw
  6. Pesto Noodles + Shrimp
  7. Cobb Salad = hardboiled egg, bacon, chopped meat, avocado
  8. Crab Louie Salad – shrimp, crab, lobster and hardboiled egg
  9. Cauliflower Meatza Pizza on weekend higher workout days
  10. Grilled or BBQ Chicken with sweet potato fries on higher workout days