What are you doing now to optimize your health & performance for your FUTURE SELF?

I just sent in my saliva sample to The DNA Company to learn more about my genetics as well as a new blood chemistry panel as I focus on improving the health of my future self- so I am THRIVING everyday and not struggling to survive the day.  I am especially motivated to do anything I can now at 50 years young to improve how I am living my life at age 80 years young as I just lost my dad on June 14th, 2022.

What are you doing to improve your health and longevity?

The first step to living longer is understanding your body on a genetic level. Understanding what genes you have, which health risks you have, and most importantly what you can do to minimize those health risks.

Unfortunately today many people don’t know what their genetic risks are, and by the time they find out it’s already too late.

The time to find out if you had a risk of a specific disease is not when you are lying on a hospital bed.

The time to figure it out is now, before anything happens.

  • Using our advanced DNA test you can discover if you are at risk for over 100+ health conditions.
  • You can scan your DNA to find out if you have risks of heart disease, strokes, alzhemiers, dementia, seizures, breast cancer and so much more.
  • Not only will you discover exactly what health risks you have but you will be provided clear instructions on which diet, supplements, routines, and environmental changes can help you reduce those health risks from occurring.
  • The DNA 360 Report can tell if you have a risk of having prostate problems by analyzing your DNA. It will also tell you exactly what steps to help address this prostate risk.
  • The report can also tell you if you have a higher risk of getting diabetes, which changes to make in your diet and which specific supplements can reduce your risk of getting diabetes.
  • You see the key to living longer is knowing your exact health risks based on your DNA and taking action to combat those risks through changes in your diet, lifestyle, and environment.

At the DNA Company our mission is to help people live healthier longer lives. The last thing we want is to see someone blindsided by a health problem they had no clue was boiling up underneath the surface.

Our team built the DNA 360 kit and Report with the goal of helping save lives by identifying health problems early on so that people have enough time to make changes before anything serious happens.

If you value your health over everything else and want access to the tools that can help you live longer healthier days then go ahead and order the DNA 360 test and report.

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Take Control of your Health and Order Your Own Risk Assessment Reports

My other test I just ordered this week is a blood chemistry panel from Precision Health Reports here

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Learn more about what is included in your Precision Health Report here:

Do you want to take control of your own health?

Whether you do not have a primary care physician or are just interested in taking control of your personal health, we provide you with an accurate assessment of your personalized cardiometabolic risk. Our Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment is your guide to better understand your unique risk for type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or an atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) event such as a heart attack or stroke.

Did your know?

Why should you do functional lab testing in addition to your doctor’s regular blood lab tests?

Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment

The most comprehensive risk assessment report in the market is now available directly to you. This report is designed to give you a comprehensive and actionable view of YOUR cardiometabolic health answering the question “what is MY risk for diabetes, heart attack, or stroke and what can I do to reduce MY risk?”

Our Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment gives you a complete picture of your:

  • Individual metabolic risk factors & Metabolic Syndrome Severity Score

  • 10-year & Lifetime Cardiovascular Event Risk, risk enhancing factors, and lipoprotein goals

  • 8-year Diabetic Risk and Lipoprotein Insulin Resistance Score (LP-IR)

  • Lipoprotein, glucose, hemoglobin A1C, and inflammation biomarkers with proper context

Test and not guess if you are FIT and HEALTHY from the inside out.
Life is not a race... it is a journey book cover

Life is not a race… it is a journey book cover

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