Episode #473 Dr. Latt Mansor – HVMN Ketone IQ Protocols for the Endurance Athlete

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Dr. Latt Mansor is a lead researcher at H.V.M.N and a metabolism expert. He holds a DPhil in Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics from the University of Oxford and a MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University. His research was on the effect of hypoxia on the metabolism in type 2 diabetic hearts. In addition to his research training, Latt has experience as a startup founder and coordinating clinical trials for a large, multinational pharmaceutical company.

During our discussion, you will learn about HVMN Ketone IQ and its benefits, the roles of ketones during exercises, the post-workout recovery protocol for endurance athletes, and the ideal proteins and carbohydrates for endurance athletes. You will also discover the difference between male and female endurance athletes and how ketosis help in fat burning. Tune in to learn more!

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What is Ketone-IQ™️ ?
Ketone-IQ™️  is a new daily ketone supplement developed by H.V.M.N. It provides energy from ketones, a source of metabolic fuel like glucose or fat.
Ketone-IQ™️ contains R-1,3-butanediol (R-1,3-BDO). R-1,3-BDO is a drinkable ketone that can raise blood ketone levels when consumed. Elevated blood ketone levels are linked to benefits for mental focus, endurance, recovery, and more.
Each bottle of Ketone-IQ™️ contains ten 35ml servings, and each serving contains 10 grams of ketones.
We do not recommend taking more than 3 servings of Ketone-IQ™️  per day.

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[05:57] About HVMN Ketone IQ

[11:00] The roles of ketones during exercises

[14:35] The post-workout recovery protocol

[18:47] The ideal protein and carbs for post-workout recovery

[22:51] Does ketosis help in fat burning?

[30:45] Research on male versus female endurance athletes


Notable quotes

  • “Ketone IQ is a drinkable ketone designed to be taken daily to support mental clarity, athletic performance, and metabolic health.”
  • “When you have ketones for the endurance exercise and glucose, you are creating hybrid fuel where you can tap into the metabolism of carbs and ketones.”
  • “Your body evolutionary has the enzymes and hormones needed to metabolize ketones. So, if you drink ketones, you can rip the benefits and get energy out of it.”


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