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Episode #488 with Panos on PNOE Metabolic Testing

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Panos Papadiamantis, our guest for today, is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at PNOĒ, a technology company that enables health professionals to integrate science-backed nutrition and training into their practice through breath analysis. PNOĒ’s program brings a revolution in value-based care by combining hospital-grade, at-home diagnosis for heart, lung, and metabolic disease with hyper-personalized nutrition and exercise programming tailored to your metabolism and health. As an engineer on paper and at heart, Panos was always fascinated by analyzing and understanding systems. Building PNOĒ exposed him to the most fascinating, uncharted, and misunderstood one, the human body.

During our discussion, you will discover metabolic efficiency testing and how we can take all the data and help get a personalized coaching program to learn how to burn fat, improve performance, and increase longevity. Panos talks about how the world of metabolic testing has changed over the years, how we can collect data during rest and exercise and figure out which fuel source we are using, and how we can use the data collected during exercise with the PNOE device and personalize our exercise training and fueling program. Tune in to learn more!


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[06:04] How Coach Debbie Met Panos Papadiamantis

[06:43] How the world of metabolic testing has changed over the years

[10:12] Bridging the gap between the data from the PNOE device and actual programming

[10:57] What is metabolic efficiency, and how do we test that?

[14:01] The benefits of burning fats as an athlete

[16:33] How to collect data during rest and exercise and figure out the fuel source

[23:04] The exercise test

[26:10] The standard breath analysis

[30:37] The best way to do the rest and exercise test

[33:28] The PNOE metabolic testing new technology

[35:58] How to use the data we are collecting during exercise and personalize our training and fueling

[42:14] Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4 and Zone 5

[38:56] How does PNOE help increase longevity?


Notable quotes:

  • “Breath analysis is a tool that scans four systems in your biology, metabolism, heart function, lung function and neurological function.”
  • “As an athlete, you have an added advantage if you can burn more fats. This is because of two reasons, fat is a very suitable fuel source, and there is plenty of it in the body.”
  • “The more fat-adapted you are during rest, the more cellular healthy you are and the lower the risk of metabolic disorders.”


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