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Episode #515 Men’s Health with Dr. Gapin

Meet our guest today… Dr. Tracy Gapin

“I believe that the success you achieve in every area of your life, starts and ends with your health.”

Dr. Tracy Gapin is a board-certified urologist, world renowned men’s health & performance expert, and the founder of the Gapin Institute, the global leader in High Performance Health.

We spoke to Dr. Gapin one year ago… watch the video here first


He has over 20 years of experience focused on providing executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes a personalized path to optimize their health and fulfill their highest potential.

  • Founder / CEO of the Gapin Institute for High Performance Health
  • Best-Selling Author of Male 2.0 and Codes of Longevity
  • Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Age Management Medical Group, and International Peptide Society
  • GAINSWave Certified Success Provider
  • Creator of the proprietary G1 Program for High Performance Health

“I had forgotten that my family depends on my health as much as I do.”– Dr. Tracy Gapin

We focus on aging high performing, high charging male endurance athletes or men in general over doing life!

  1. Dr. Gapin’s 3-pronged approach to health – holistic approach to optimizing hormones (what, why and how)
  2. How to use peptides – when, why and how!
  3. Balancing Hormone health for men- red flags, when to take action, why and how as health optimizer and longevity (future self)
  4. Chronic stress, Cortisol and hormones on sleep, performance and recovery/repair 
  5. How do we disrupt hormone function as competitive high performing athletes, aging males and chronic stress!
  6. Testosterone testing and therapy- lifestyle, exercise and if need supplements or HRT
  7. Fasting and nutrition approaches for men vs. women

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