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Episode #519 Mitochondria Health with Dr. Emily Werner

Dr. Emily Werner is my guest on the show today to talk about mitochondria health! Dr. Emily is a sport dietitian currently working in the NBA as Team Dietitian for the Philadelphia 76ers. Additionally. She is a consultant for Timeline Nutrition, a longevity and health brand that is focused on optimizing mitochondrial health. It is her mission as a practitioner and person to promote healthful practices using nutrition and exercise as tools for longevity. “Healthy cells rely on a powerful recycling process: A process called mitophagy cleans up defective mitochondria and allows the mitochondria to repair themselves and improve their performance. This recycling and cleansing mechanism is proven to provide valuable health benefits.” 1. Fission: Mitochondria are broken down into smaller fragments and any that are damaged are separated so that they can be targeted by mitophagy. 2. Mitophagy: Born out of a decade of rigorous scientific research and discovery, we have unlocked the bioactive properties of the pomegranate to develop Mitopure, a proprietary highly pure Urolithin A. 3. Biogenesis: A process that takes place when new healthy mitochondria are regenerated by our cells and then fused with existing healthy ones.

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Mitochondria are double-membraned organelles found in the cells of most living organisms, and they play a crucial role in various aspects of aging, performance, energy production, and body composition. 

Here’s a breakdown of their role in these areas and strategies to enhance mitochondrial function:

Aging: Mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of the aging process. Over time, mitochondria can accumulate damage due to oxidative stress, mutations in their DNA, and inefficient quality control mechanisms. This damage can lead to decreased energy production and increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which can contribute to cellular damage and aging. Strategies to address this include:

Antioxidant-rich diets: Consuming foods high in antioxidants like fruits, vegetables, and certain supplements can help reduce oxidative stress on mitochondria.

Caloric restriction: Reducing calorie intake while maintaining essential nutrients can extend lifespan and enhance mitochondrial function.

Exercise: Regular physical activity can improve mitochondrial health and slow down the aging process.

Performance: Mitochondria are essential for energy production, which is crucial for physical performance. Enhanced mitochondrial function can lead to increased endurance, strength, and overall athletic performance.

Let’s Learn more from our guest today- Dr. Emily Werner of Timeline Nutrition.

Video conversation with Dr. Emily Werner on Mitochondrial Health

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