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My top Five “Black Friday” Favorite Deals for 2023!

Tricks & Tips to Live healthier, longer, high QUALITY life!

1. Higher Dose

  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Boost collagen & elastin
  • Reduces Redness & Ignites Radiant Glow
  • Boost Mood & Combats Blue Light

Ready to feel rejuvenated?

The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask is a light therapy device that combines red and near-infrared LED technologies in an innovative design – made with your busy lifestyle in mind. Light therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that mimics low-level rejuvenating wavelengths found in natural sunlight. This relaxing and effective treatment warms the skin, boosts your mood, and enhances your natural glow. After just one session, you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated. Welcome to your best beauty investment yet.

Are you as busy as we are? Glow while you flow! We designed this Mask to fit into your active lifestyle: the extra head strap and functional eye holes let you get lit while doing yoga, working out, or walking around. There’s no cord to hold you back and endless reasons you should add Red Light into your daily routine.

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2. Sunlighten Saunas

Wellness is within reach.
Your health and wellness are important to you. You want to feel better so you can do more and live fully. We live to help others experience the health transformations we have by bringing our nature-inspired wellness technology to peSpotlight-on-Near-Mid-and-Far-Infrared-Saunaople everywhere. The magic of our patented SoloCarbon® infrared sauna is in the science.

Sweat better. It’s one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. Sunlighten’s high-quality infrared promotes effortless, deep, productive sweat.

Stay healthy. The natural preventive properties of Sunlighten’s patented heating technology helps your cell health and overall immunity.

Heart Health
Strengthen your heart. Infrared therapy acts like a passive cardio workout, which helps your heart by improving circulation and even helping to reducing blood pressure.

Weight Loss
Increase metabolism. Burn calories. Far infrared wavelengths in all Sunlighten saunas create a passive workout, stimulating sluggish metabolism and improving fat burning.

3 Waves, Multiple Health Benefits

Infrared comes in 3 distinct types.

Because it’s on a spectrum, infrared has a range of waves in its own category.

There are 3 types based on wave size, frequency, and the amount of energy they  carry: near (NIR), mid (MIR) and far (FIR).  Though tiny pinpoint-size waves, each infrared ray does something beautifully unique for our bodies, and nature.  Memory tip: each one is named for how close it is to visible light.

3.  Inside Tracker

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InsideTracker is on a mission to help people live healthier longer lives. And while data are helpful, they can also be overwhelming to interpret. Healthspan categories present 10 simple ways to measure your health. Here’s a closer look at what these scores achieve:

Put your results into context: Healthspan categories can help you to understand how your biomarkers relate to your real life. It’s one thing to see that you have low iron, and another to know how your low iron has impacted your endurance. And that knowledge is key—behavior change is sustainable when there is an understanding of how results impact your health.

Connect the dots between biomarkers in the body: The body is a complex system and nothing happens in isolation. Healthspan category scores bring together blood biomarkers and physiomarkers (like resting heart rate and sleep) to describe the health status of various functions and systems of the body.

Describe how one biomarker impacts multiple processes in the body: Biomarkers rarely serve a single purpose in the body. This is why each biomarker can contribute to multiple healthspan category scores. The bad news is that a suboptimal biomarker level can influence the body on multiple levels. The good news is that improving the biomarker level can have a cascading beneficial effect.

What are the 10 health span categories?

Your health is complex, and healthspan is multifaceted. Here are the 10 ways InsideTracker quantifies healthspan.

Who we are:  Innovative. Scientific. Evolving.

  • We’re a team of passionate, creative people who are using extreme personalization to make the world a healthier place.
  • Founded in 2009 by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data, from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, science is the backbone of InsideTracker. We believe the most impactful science and technology products result from constant learning. And so, we always are.
  • The algorithm that drives the InsideTracker platform is continuously refined, drawing on cutting-edge research and technological advances. It’s smart and ever-evolving, just like your body is.
  • But we’re more than machines. We build and grow our products using both innovative technology and the human brain power of our accomplished scientific team.

What we do:  Simplify. Personalize. Achieve.

  • We create evidence-based solutions that are simple, clear, and actionable.
  • Every day, there’s a new diet trend: “Eat that; take this; avoid those!”
  • We cut through the noise by analyzing your blood, your DNA, your lifestyle and nutrition habits, and tell you how to live, look, age, and perform better.
  • InsideTracker products have already helped thousands of people improve their lives by improving their bodies from the inside out, using personalized recommendations for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle.
  • We’re optimizing everyone, from elite athletes to busy professionals and stressed-out parents.


4.  Flex Beam Red Light Therapy

What does FlexBeam do? 

Targeted Red Light Therapy Designed to:

  • Relieve:  Increase blood flow and oxygenation.  A powerful wearable device designed to reach deeply into the body and treat where it hurts.

  • Repair:  Stimulate the cells to regenerate faster. Works directly where you need it, while also generating vital systemic effects for your entire body.

  • Recover:  Boost energy for improved self-healing.  Use it anytime, anywhere – in just 10 minutes! Perfect for pre & post workout recovery.

Science of Red Light Therapy showed:

• Improves microcirculation that optimises blood oxygenation
• Stimulates growth of new blood vessels
• Better quality of collagen and elastin
• Helps to improve nerve growth
• Assists in repair of muscular, tendon, ligamentous injuries
• Improves mild osteoarthritis
• With a better blood flow reduces muscular spasms
• Shown to reduce inflammation without heating tissues
• Boosts immune system
• And many more…

5.  The DNA Company

Prevent disease.  Slow aging.  Optimize performance.

  • Every cellular process in your body is instructed by the 22,000 genes that make up your genetic code.
  • Our nutrition, lifestyle and environment decisions impact our genetic function.
  • Decode your genes so you can make the right choices.
  • Did you know that your current diet, lifestyle, and environmental choices could be increasing your chances of health problems based on your unique DNA?
  • The generic DNA tests you’ve heard of tell you how likely you are to have a health problem.
  • Our next generation DNA 360 test and report will help you discover exactly what diet, lifestyle, and environment choices can help you avoid health problems.
  • The DNA 360 Report will provide you with reports on sleep, diet, hormones, fitness, cardiovascular system, mood, immunity, detox and more.
  • Each report gives you easy to understand recommendations that help you improve your health.
  • Stop relying on generic health advice that’s not tailored to you and get personalized health advice based on your body’s unique DNA.

Experience your DNA 360 Program

If you want to know the exact steps to improve your health and increase your chances of avoiding a hospital bed please read this post all the way to the end.  All of us worry about our health. It’s normal. But one of the scariest things can be the unknown.  Often we don’t know what is waiting for us around the corner. This is what keeps us up at night.  Unfortunately, modern day medicine doesn’t help you avoid serious health problems.  In fact, our modern day hospital system is designed to treat you only after things have already gone too far.  But what if there was a way to find out the unknown health issues before they happen?

Turns out there is.

It’s done using comprehensive DNA testing and reports.  Using a saliva sample The DNA Company, a leader in the genomics space, is able to scan your DNA using a sophisticated algorithm.  The algorithm scans over 220 trillion data points to uncover vital health insights.

You can uncover incredible insights including…

  • Your risk of cardiovascular inflammation
  • Your risk of hypertension
  • Your risk of high cholesterol
  • Your genetic immunity score
  • Your body’s ability to respond to vitamin D
  • Your body’s ability to respond to oxidants

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are literally dozens of pages of detailed insights like this.

The report is called the 360 DNA Report from The DNA Company and it has 6 comprehensive reports that cover cardiovascular health, sleep, hormones and immunity.

What truly makes these reports different is that they actually provide you with actionable insights and recommendations.

For example, if you have a high risk of cardiovascular inflammation you are provided key recommendations for your body on what foods, supplements, lifestyle choices, and fitness routines are appropriate for you based on your DNA.

“Debbie Potts Coaching” is proud to announce that we have partnered with The DNA Company and are offering all of our followers the ability to get access to The DNA Company’s world class DNA test and 360 Reports.

If you truly value your health and don’t want to leave it up to chance, get a comprehensive DNA test done and uncover everything there is to know about your body.  Get peace of mind knowing that you have the right information about your body allowing you to make smarter health choices.  Make changes today that contribute to your long term health for decades to come.  What will your DNA scan uncover? Click the link below if you are ready to uncover everything there is to know about your body.  SCAN YOUR DNA →


  • Our DNA 360 lab test will take your saliva sample and scan it using 4.7 billion data points.
  • After the scan, you will receive 38 comprehensive health reports based on your DNA, plus our longevity report, which could add 10 healthy years to your life.
  • While generic low-quality DNA tests may tell you the likelihood of risk, the DNA 360 report goes beyond that to provide you with personalized health recommendations designed to help you actually reduce these risks.
  • Discover exactly which foods, supplements, workouts, environment, and lifestyle are right for you based on your unique DNA.
  • Then, reach peak health by giving your body exactly what it needs.
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