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Say GOODBYE to 2020 – and say HELLO to 2021 with a Positive Mindset!

Did 2020 leave you feeling fat, depressed, and stressed out?

I think we all need (and deserve) to a reset and reboot the WHOLE to start 2021 with a positive attitude!

Are you ready to get a Jumpstart on your health and feel your best in 2021?

Let’s get a jumpstart on our transformation together with my online group program.

New Year’s Reset &  Reboot You 5 Day or 30-day Challenge


  • Phase One:  Five-day Jumpstart Program
  • Phase Two:  21-day detox program
  • Phase Three:  Maintenance transition Program

The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program:  Learn how to take care of the WHOLE you from the inside out to BURN Fat, OPTIMIZE health and improve PERFORMANCE with eating real food and implementing health building lifestyle habits. 

We will have a weekly ZOOM video conference call (recorded) on Mondays and group support Facebook page. 

Each week, we will have a different health building lifestyle habits to discuss, while we continue to work on eating real, nutrient dense food, intermittent fasting, daily movement and prioritizing your sleep!

Read more about the group and individual coaching programs with Coach Debbie Potts on her website here.

The eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method” Program include:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress Reduction
  5. Movement & Mobility
  6. Digestion & Gut Health
  7. Hydration
  8. Happiness, Play and Gratitude

Please find a copy of “The WHOLESTIC Method Manual & Workbook” available on Amazon (hard copy) to use with the program as well as read my personal story “LIFE IS NOT A RACE… IT IS A JOURNEYto understand my purpose, passion, and mission! 

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Debbie Potts

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We train the WHOLE Athlete with our comprehensive program including exercise, Nutritional Therapy, Metabolic Efficiency, Detox programs, Digestion repair, Nutritional Supplements, Sweat therapy for detoxification and cellular health.

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