Do you use Keto Mojo?

Do you know the story of the founders of Keto Mojo?

Let’s chat with co-founder Dorian: What is his WHY, passion, purpose and mission.

“I want to change the way we think about our lifestyle… our diets… our health, I think you know the story, but in 2015, I weighed 210 lbs., was constantly tired, on anti-depressants, and had nearly all the markers for metabolic syndrome. Within six months of following the ketogenic diet, I had lost 47 lbs., came off all medications, and finally got my mojo back and wanted to give back…

However, Ketone testing was expensive – meters and test strips were produced by a few big players in the bio-tech industry – therefore inaccessible to many in need. This was an industry that needed to be disrupted, and I finally succeeded in creating an FDA approved blood glucose and ketone meter and testing strips that were more accurate and affordable than any other in the market, and Keto-Mojo was born!”

The founder of KETO MOJO, Dorian, and I recorded a podcast today to discuss…

  1. Why did you choose to upgrade the meter – what are the benefits
  2. Why is data driven technology so important for an athlete… a patient… a doctor?
  3. Tell us about The Ketogenic Foundation…

What our video version of the podcast here:

Order your Keto Mojo testing kit here and stop guessing if you are eating the right blend of macronutrients

Questions we try to dive into on this podcast include:

  • the more intense the workout –
  • the longer duration workout –
  • long easy run – glucose and ketones?
  • hit workout – ketones lower and glucose higher
  • fasted workouts
  • metabolic flexibility
  • fat as fuel source
  • carbs as back up engine
  • carb timing
  • keto adapted – fat adapted –
  • what to eat 90-120 minutes before workout?
  • Ketones the highest level?
  • Consistently measuring to learn about the bio individuality
  • When is your body best at burning fat?
  • what about chronic stress
  • immune system and blood sugar regulation

Your health coach,

Debbie Potts

Health & Fitness Coach, Author, & Speaker

Host of ‘The Low Carb Athlete’ Health Building Podcast

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