Oh my… this intro to this video interview Mike Mutzel posted on his science based podcast via YouTube fires me up.
For the past year, I have been saying the same info.

WHY do we not hear about how to improve our health in the past year as wearing a mask, staying home and social distancing only slows the spread.

WHAT about sharing the health building tips to create a stronger and more resilient immune system.
If we are so scared about getting a virus, why don’t we be pro-active to make health building choices, as well as wearing a mask when required (when six feet apart or less).

Getting/Staying fit and healthy may improve your quality of life!

Self care is self love

…so why are we not all motivated to take care of ourselves and be health optimizers?

Here is a great interview that Mike Mutzel shared…

The WHOLESTIC Method eight elements are simple strategies and CHOICES you can make to take care of the WHOLE you to be FIT and HEALTHY from the inside out.

Health is a choice.

The number one risk factor for severe outcomes with C. Virus… OBESITY.

What else?


Type II Diabetes.

Insulin Resistance.

Low vitamin D levels.

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