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If you want to improve your performance and longevity in life then you should make your gut health a priority!

Your gut wall lining

Now to the GI Panel as infection and infestation is a major hidden internal stressor. 

We need to identify any and all hidden stressors so we can create a specific protocol to remove toxic offenders that are there due to a poor environment or ecology- also contribute to it—

Parasites, bacteria, fungi, yeast and biofilms we can test with the BH401H GI pathogen screen to get an initial detailed look in the gut.

Intestinal microflora screening can help us identify parasitic and pathogenic involvement and blocking of proper GI function.

We know that digestion and absorption is a fundamental part of our metabolisms and every physiological process is dependent on proper digestive function and assimilation of real food. 

Hire a health detective to help figure out your WHY by putting the pieces of the puzzle together

Digestive malfunction can be a result of…or a contributor to METABOLIC CHAOS as well as a variety of disorders.  The symptoms, as we now know, can be far removed from the actual cause! 

So, we need to look at the WHY

why do you have digestive issues, lack of focus, energy to exercise, trouble sleeping and waking up in the morning feeling refreshed!

Gut health (gut and digestion dysfunction) is impacts all body systems and function so we need to test instead of guessing…this includes the IP test, GI Pathogens and the MRT test.

Pathogens can be a result of a compromised environment. 

We can gain additional insights from the GI pathogen screening…more clues to our overall assessment of immune, toxicity, digestive function! 

We want to learn more about what is going on inside of you so we can solidify our impression of what we need you to do to return to health as we work together to guide your healing and rebuilding process.

Pathogens are obvious contributors to:

  1. HPA dysfunction
  2. Maldigestion
  3. Malabsorption
  4. Toxicity
  5. Detoxification issues
  6. Elimination
  7. Mucosal barrier problems

If our goal is to reduce and eliminate HPA Axis dysfunction (cortisol dysregulation) factors and contributors to solving your “METABOLIC CHAOS”- then we need to keep digging with the right labs and clinical correlation. 

Does that make sense?

We need to correct your metabolic inefficiencies, restore balance and normal function (homeostasis) especially with the HIDDEN internal stressors.

Isn’t it amazing how everything works together and why we can’t treat one thing?

  • Eating foods that you are sensitive or reactive towards can create havoc in the gut.  Degrades the mucosal barrier and creating inflammation to the lining.
  • A weak gut wall lining allows for enemies to attack- ideal environment for breeding ground for pathogens– a result or cause of a damaged environment.
  • Infections and infestations are just one of the most hidden internal stressors that goes undetected for YEARS and keep the body in a state of CHRONIC STRESS.  The longer the pathogen is undetected- the longer the body is under chronic stress- the increased chance of progressing through the stages of HPA dysfunction
  • Infections and infestations are a source of HPA Axis dysfunction, maldigestion, malabsorption, toxicity, detoxification, elimination and mucosal barrier problems. 
  • Since pathogens are such a contributor to METABOLIC CHAOS- the success of a client’s health journey is limited unless we identify and eliminator (or suppress) the gut bugs/invaders.
  • If you are a weak host– then you can experience a cascade of health events and dysfunction – (di-ease).
    • Adverse alternations in gut pH leading to digestion and absorption issues
    • Retention of other organisms that would be normally rapidly eliminated if in a “healthy host”- body should handle these normally
    • Disruption of intestinal mucosal barrier function (IP Test for leaky gut)
    • Toxic condition from pathogen’s metabolic byproducts (poop)
    • Maldigestion and malabsorption of nutrients produce problems- cascade of events…metabolic stress cascade
    • Hyperpermeability
    • Immune dysfunction

Condition of a weak host can persist for years or decades without being able to associate the infection with the symptoms. 

In a weak host, pathogens can take up residence and multiply…leading to biofilm formation!

The new “residence” in our gut creates a toxic environment from the metabolic byproducts (exudates- poop) of the new invaders taking over our gut.

The excess toxins then increase oxidative stress, liver congestion, detoxification issues and dysfunction …which we could also see and correlate in the BH101 and the BH205 labs tests. 

On the labs, we could see the results elevated or trending higher- but we don’t know WHY unless we do all the labs. 

With gut dysfunction and pathogens – we then start to see an increase in food sensitivities.  We get more food sensitivities when we are host to a gut bug or family! 

We don’t know which comes first!

Micro-organisms can create an environment conducive to proliferation of SECONDARY overgrowth, biofilms and then further infection and infestation conditions!

New species move in once we are a host to a pathogen as the environment is ideal for more gut bugs- as they invite their “friends and family” to join and build a new home.  “opportunistic” organisms – secondary infections are often contributing to dysfunction and symptoms.  Our overall ecology is are major “area of opportunity”!

The pathogen screen is needed along with the leaky gut IP test and the MRT Food sensitivity test to help learn more about gut health and hidden stressors.

Leaky Gut creates chaos in all body systems…everything is connected!

Cortisol dysregulation- metabolic chaos- often bugs are related to the dysfunction.

The BH401H pathogen screening will help us assess pathology and dysbiosis – but as I mentioned a few time- we don’t treat results because we can’t heal and rebuild but just treating a gut bug we identified.

We need to strengthen all the functions in the body to protect ourselves from bugs and pathogens!  We will get to how we treat the bugs later.

We order this test through our Medical Director Program, so we do have a letter of your results to share with your doctor.

You will never get rid of the gut bugs unless you improve the environment – you can treat all at once with natural products or do in phases.

Or talk to your doctor for treatment with antibiotics.

Stages of infection:  micro organisms tend to morph into various stages from egg to larvae to adult and cystic forms so that is why we need to be vigilant in assessing and controlling the intestinal environment. 

If the bugs are contained in the GI tract and act as a chronic stressor, they must be identified and eliminated.  EXIDATES are toxic and contribute to the disease and biofilm process.  The bugs can migrate into tissues and organs- something distant from the GI Tract.  Various stages of infection can remain dormant within tissues – and become challenging to detect! 

The harder it is to find the bugs- the harder it is to eradicate the bugs!

Improve the environment first! 

This is why we always start with the BH205 and the BH101 plus the IP leaky gut test.  Then of course we know why we need the BH401H and the MRT test. 

Why do we test for GI Pathogens?

  1. GI symptoms present
  2. History of antibiotic use or travel?
  3. BH205 results – HPA Axis dysfunction, elevated morning cortisol- leftover gut bugs overnight clues, low melatonin, cortisol dominance, Compensatory phase, disrupted circadian rhythm
  4. BH101- Positive Indican, high lipid peroxides, high bile acids
  5. Food sensitivities (MRT lab)
  6. BH110 IP test– increased intestinal permeability
  7. Heavy Metal Toxicity?  Mercury in fillings?

Poor gut health can lead to a weakened immune system which allows the pathogens to infect the GI tract…

Do you want to stop guessing about what is wrong with you and get out of cycle of “trial and error”

Then contact Debbie Potts for a complimentary consultation to learn more if her FDN-P health detective coaching program is the right fit for you as you need to be ready to commit, be motivated and be accountable to follow your individual “D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success” protocol to heal and rebuild the WHOLE you from the inside out if you want to improve your performance and longevity.

Stop guessing and wasting time… now is the time to invest in your health and start restoring your vitality!

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