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As I research about how I can improve my mitochondria function, slow down/improve the aging process and improve performance in my favorite sports… RED LIGHT & NEAR INFRARED THERAPY continues to be a hot topic as well as the Full Spectrum Infrared Therapy. I have the Sunlighten M-Pulse now but I am curious about the effectiveness of adding Red Light and Near Infrared therapy to treatment program for clients and myself!

” Red LED light therapy is the most common of the LED therapies with wavelengths ranging between 633-700 nm. The optimal wavelength is 660 nm for light absorption to reach a depth of 2.3 mm in the dermis.Red LED is used to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness and inflammation, and increase collagen and elastin production. Red LED light has been shown to enhance the detoxification process within the lymphatic system, helping reduce inflammation caused by extra fluid and waste stored in the skin. By reducing inflammation in the body, this also assists with the reduction of joint pain.”

What Are the Benefits of Combining Red Light and Near Infrared Light?
By using a blend of red and NIR light, you can target two different levels of cells simultaneously.  The red light wavelength at 660 nm combined with the near infrared wavelength at 880 nm promotes healing by increasing oxygen flow to the joints and muscles for natural pain relief.3

1. Reduces Inflammation
2. Eases Muscle and Joint Pain
3. Promotes Cell Regeneration
4. Stimulates Tissue Growth
5. Increases Wound Healing

“Excellent red light therapy is used to deliver concentrated wavelengths of red light to the skin and body cells without producing any dangerous UV light or excess heat in the process. The process involves you sitting or standing near the device emitting the red light for a few minutes a day. The bigger the surface area the red light covers, the more it can get absorbed into your body cells.

The red light has been tested and proven by photo-medicine researchers to provide optimal health benefits. Researchers have identified that in the broad spectrum of light, the red light is the one that stands out and best suited to provide excellent and healthy conditions. The red light therapy incorporates the wavelengths in the mid-600 nanometer range and the mid-800.

Once the red light is absorbed in the skin, it produces a biochemical in the cells charging the mitochondria. With the mitochondria energized, they can create more ATP allowing cells to function more efficiently, to repair any existing damage and to rejuvenate themselves.

One significant benefit of red light therapy is that it is very different from using an intense pulsed light or laser therapy. The red line therapy does not cause any damage to the skin surface. When you use pulsed light or laser therapy, you induce controlled injury to the outer skin layer stimulating collagen in the skin to promote regrowth. The light from a red light therapy gets into the skin only 5 millimeters deep.

More information to come and testimonials as I conduct more research on red light and near infrared therapy!

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