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As we prepare for our fat loss journey using the tools and tricks shared in “The WHOLESTIC Method” program, I suggest ordering a few items to have on hand for our program together!

My goal with my online group coaching clients is to help teach them the secrets to fat loss…(not weight loss) with elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method”.

The eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method program need attention if we strive to be healthy from the inside out. We work on not only WHAT we eat, but HOW we eat and WHEN we eat in the program.

In Phase One of the program, the 5-Day Jumpstart, we work on improving the function of the liver – which has over 500 jobs! We need to liver to be functioning at optimal level then we work on our digestive system with intermittent fasting to improve WHEN we eat, and working on WHAT we eat to balance our blood sugar levels. How we eat is essential as well as what we eat and when we eat as we need to have proper digestive processes working at optimal levels starting north- being in the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system, as well as chewing our food properly.

Most people eat mindlessly and multi-task when they eat! In Phase Two of the transformation journey, we focus on our digestive processes and improving the gut health. I suggest (see below) digestive supplements to take when fasting and with our main meal to aid in the nutrient breakdown and absorption processes. We may need to supplement with HCL betaine to help break down proteins and food in the stomach organ and ox bile plus fat enzymes to help our gallbladder/bile in fat digestion then digestive enzymes to breakdown protein, fats and carbohydrates. Then we add a spore based probiotic, Megasporebiotic, to aid in improving good bacteria diversity in the gut.

During our program, we are teaching the body how to depend on burning fat for it’s main fuel source (main gas tank) instead of sugar/carb dependency. As we work on priming the “foundations” of our digestive system to become fat burning machines, we need to improve the integrity of the gut. To help with our gut healing, ketosis and fasting protocols, we sip on organic bone broth, as Bonafide Provisions, throughout the eating window or on a bone broth fasting day (great after the weekend on a Monday).

I can’ t share all the secret tips of my coaching program- as I want you to experience the transformation journey for yourself! Plus I change the program topics on our bi-weekly online coaching calls based on the group’s main health concerns, questions and goals!

Click here to register for my next 5-day or 30-day online group program. The WHOLESTIC Method 30-day program will be offered every other month, starting in January.

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  • KETO MOJO to measure your blood glucose and ketones daily
  • Megasporebiotic -a probiotic to take before you eat plus their Total Gut Restoration program – three phase program to rebuild and reset your gut health.

100% Chlorella | Non-GMO | Keto | Vegan

Are you looking for a faster, better way to recover from athletic activities, improve your performance, have fewer colds, and a stronger immune system? Want a more natural way to detox, reduce hangover symptoms, or slow down aging? RECOVERYbits® algae tabs are your answer. Made from 100% naturally grown, Non-GMO chlorella, an algae containing 40 nutrients, antioxidants, and chlorophyll, this is the recovery fuel no runner or athlete should be without. Get back in the game faster with these Bits® — an eco-friendly, sustainable food crop.Athletic Greens for daily drink filled with nutrition!

In Athletic Greens, nature meets science, with every ingredient proven to add nutritional value and support optimum absorption and synthesis.

Athletic Greens key benefits include:

  • Digestion, gut health and liver support
  • Immune and nervous system support
  • Efficiency energy production and storage
  • Antioxidants and super foods for healthy aging
  • Adaptogens for hormone and neural support

Herbal Detox Tea… some options here on Amazon

MitoQ supplement to take in the morning to support the energy producing cells- Mitochondria function.

What is MitoQ?

MitoQ is the most-studied mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant. To date, over $60 million of independent research and over 400 peer-reviewed articles have been published, successfully testing MitoQ across a range of health-related applications.

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How Chronic Stress IMPACTS The Whole You!

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