If you haven’t heard me lately… I am somehow turning the big 5-0 this November and I am on a mission to do everything I can to make the adjustment a positive experience!

My new mission is to live my best life AFTER age 5-0 (I can’t say fifty yet).

How are you improving the aging process?

As an “Aging Athlete”, I am adjusting my workouts based on my OURA ring “readiness score” and tracking my sleep. Based on my sleep score, I can track (add notes/tags) to what I did before bed time as applying magnesium lotion to my legs or wearing the Castor Oil pack from Queen of Thrones. Did I wear my blue blockers at night time?

I recently started wearing my Swannies Day time glasses at my computer as my eyeballs have been throbbing all day as this new work at home job is new to me (as to most of you). For 25 plus years, I have been MOVING throughout the day as my main job has been in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer, instructor and coach. For most of my life I have always been moving around – never sitting/standing at a desk working on a computer and coaching clients online!

For my run workouts, I find that speed intervals work best for me (Wednesday mornings) especially in the mornings (not so great at night time). My long run workouts on Sundays are performed best (and improved recovery time) when I run four minutes then walk fast a minute for my 1h30-2 hour workout. Running long or endurance exercise over 45-60 minutes is not idea for our stress hormones (cortisol) and oxidative stress but I enjoy my long workouts in the beautiful weather and along the coast (La Jolla!).

Now that I finally have an OURA Ring- I can easily track my HRV and pay attention to my red flags then course correct For example, Tuesday afternoon I was planning on a beach walk with some run intervals on the sand (new to me since I moved south!) but I ran out of time with meetings.

I was going to run at 5pm for half hour in between work meetings from home but I knew we were running at the beach Wednesday morning (speed workout 6AM) so running the night before at 5PM would be a waste as well as the workout would impact my sleep as I go to bed by 8pm!

Instead, I went for a power walk from home as I have learned the hard way to always listen to my body and provide more recovery time in between sessions. The end result… my speed run workout this morning was great as I felt refreshed and ready to work hard plus my OURA “readiness” score was improved from a good night’s sleep.

I guess you would call this BIOHACKING to improve my second half of my life.

Ideally, I would wear a CGM as NutriSense each day and track my food against my blood glucose levels (plus stressors!) then combine the data with my Oura ring on Heads Up Health.

I will be doing this for my coaching clients with Ben Greenfield- combing genetics, lab test results, nutritional therapy assessments, metabolic typing, OURA ring (or WHOOP) with glucose/ketones as Keto Mojo or NutriSense. We are also using Modern Meal food planner, Training Peaks and Practice Better platforms with Heads UP Health. So exciting to track, correlate and course correct with all of these clues and real life data that we can collect now!

Are you ready to take ownership of your health to live your best life the second half of your life?

Let me know if you are ready to get started on your Health (RE) Building journey. so we can put your missing pieces of your health puzzle together again so you can thrive and feel alive each day.

Don’t blame the aging process- instead let’s embrace the changes in our hormones and body so we feel, look and perform our best in life.

Let’s all strive to live our best life AFTER 5-0!

Are you on board with me?

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