Test and stop guessing what is actually going on “under the hood”! You may look great on the outside but most athletes appear healthy on the outside but are a mess on the inside from chronic stressors as over training and living life as a race!

You can learn more on the microbiome by listening to many of the podcast recordings I have done with microbiome expert Kiran on my show.

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Update! We can get a very interesting evaluation of your microbiome with a lab test co-created by my favorite Microbiome Expert, Kiran, and Microbiome Labs continues to evolve… it is called “BiomeFx”

Here is the link to order your BiomeFx testing kit (stool sample) that you can test at home then ship back to the lab directly (pay the lab directly as well) and then we can implement the test results into your health investigation coaching program.

Attached is an example of the new lab test results.

Here is the link to order your kit on the practitioner website…look for BiomeFX on the menu to order the testing kit shipped to your front door.

Are you looking for a more reliable method to resolve dysbiosis or gut issues… or just eager to get a glimpse inside the inner workings of your gut microbiome?

BiomeFx Functional Microbiome Analysis is the first functional stool test of its kind that provides measurements of diversity, richness, pathogen control, dysbiosis ratios, keystone species and over 20 relevant functions of the gut microbiome.

New research suggests that the functions of the microbiome are much more important than the mere presence of a few pathogens. This report will highlight imbalances in the gut microbiome that might be brewing under the surface and provide more clues in our health investigation as well as when to course-correct before it’s too late! 

BiomeFx is also great for monitoring the efficacy of various interventions on your unique gut microbiome. 

If you’re tired of guessing what’s going on within your ability to burn fat, optimize your health/immune system and improve performance – look deeper under the hood at your microbiome diversity. 

It’s time to take a peek inside with BiomeFx and other investigative labs to get a full picture of what is actually going on “under the hood”!

Order your lab testing kit directly here so we can implement the results into our health investigation process and coaching program.  Then you can add on the analysis review (I do with BiomeFx expert) and follow up with our recommendations –assessment with me which includes three 45-minute coaching sessions to take action on the lab test results.  Ideally, we start a full investigation and run a few different lab tests then correlate to your health symptoms and goals but we can get a jumpstart with an analysis of your microbiome diversity here.

If you have more questions then schedule a call with me here to discuss options and discover what is the best coaching program for your needs!

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