Do you want to get your body and VIBRANT self back again?

Let’s test and not guess what is actually going on inside and under the hood! You can now measure your glucose levels 24 hours a day with NutriSense and get the feedback from a R.D.. Today we dive deep into a few of my many questions based on my experience with NutriSense and chronic stressors.

The podcast questions keep growing so we many need part one and two!

1. Talk about blood sugar and food sensitivities and chronic stressors – hidden internal and external source of stress. How they impact our ability to burn fat – optimize health- improve athletic performance

2. Female hormone cycle and blood sugar -matching nutrition, training/exercise with menstrual cycle – track with NutriSense

3. Chronic stress – as “every stress response is a blood sugar response”

4. Immune system – as “stress is on and the immune system is depressed (SIgA)”

5. Food sensitivities – corn, eggs, soy, dairy, nuts, vegetable oils and other tagged IgG and IgA food sensitivities against CGM

6. Sleep – OURA ring (I wish I had one) to track quality of sleep vs. blood glucose vs. stressors – external and hidden internal stressors as pathogens, bacteria, fungal, yeast and microbiome

7. Microbiome imbalances and blood glucose

8. Congestion liver –“liver time” 1-3am

9. Hormone imbalances as Cortisol

10. Exercise type, timing, and glucose

11. Fasted workouts

12. Intensity of workouts and glucose- fat burning or glucose dependent

Have you ever looked at “liver time” 1am to 3am in Chinese medicine? Internal sources of chronic stressors -gut bugs/parasite/fungal activity at night– activate cortisol and cortisol raises glucose.

Interesting in TCH with Liver activity at night- not sure correlation to blood glucose but possible connection to liver congestion, toxins and detoxification

Order your Nutrisense and check out how your body responds to nutrition, stress, exercise, toxins, hormones and more. This would be good for all of you to test out for at least 14-days to monitor your blood glucose and see what impacts your blood glucose. I just loaded this onto my arm… 14-day CGM! NutriSense may be beneficial self-experiment for you as well. Click here to learn more

Here is my video we just recorded as I was scared to install it.

Kara Collier is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician with a background in clinical nutrition, nutrition technology, and entrepreneurship. After becoming frustrated with the traditional healthcare system, she helped start the company NutriSense where she is now the Director of Nutrition. Kara is the leading authority on the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology, particularly in non-diabetics for the purposes of health optimization, disease prevention, and reversing metabolic dysfunction.Kara oversees the health team and product development and has personally interpreted thousands of complex glucose datasets.

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