Life is a Journey. Enjoy the Ride.

What are you doing to improve your quality of life?

Well …we moved our entire life from Seattle, WA to North San Diego this past summer. We found a special house with a unique and magical “Hilltop” sanctuary.   Now we are in the middle of staying sane while we live in the house during a kitchen remodel.  Thankfully, we have the old fridge in the garage, a BBQ outside and a laundry room with a large sink!  After living two months (end of June to end of August) in a small one-bedroom Airbnb without a dishwasher- I am getting used to doing the dishes by hand and living in a small space! 

We are starting to see hope as our kitchen cabinets should be complete this week then the installation of the counter tops and appliances are next!  Patience is key as well as staying positive and working on finding joy in our life each day in the OUTDOORS!  Fortunately, we do intermittent fasting and eating one main meal a day in the late afternoon- which makes preparing meals more enjoyable and easier (sustainable as well!).  This is a great time to work on eating more protein, as my body always craves and does best with more protein, as we just have a BBQ grill to cook food!

One of the reasons we picked this area to live is for QUALITY OF LIFE!  Neal and I both love to be in the outdoors all seasons – to bike, run, hike, and even relax outside.  Now we found a unique house on top of a hill with a back yard and an upper yard- or “The Hilltop”.  I call the Hilltop also our sanctuary as it has a magical pergola and glass house that the previous owner, artist/painter Cathy Carey, used for painting, art lessons and art/garden tours.  We have a spectacular view of Lake Hodges and Elfin Forest – looking west towards Rancho Santa Fe and the coast (Del Mar, Solana Beach and Encinitas). 

I share this new journey with you as it was always a dream of mine, since high school, to live in Southern California.  We drove down to my relatives house every summer in Brentwood/Santa Monica as a child then in my adult years, we came down here for many long weekends when the weather changed in the Pacific Northwest.  I thrive in the sunshine, blue skies, palm trees, ocean and sandy beaches – but also I learned I love the mountains and the hills of “Tuscany” that we discovered this past summer during our stay at the Airbnb.  We choose to live in this area because we are close to the coast and close to the mountains!  We are right in the middle of both amazing, beautiful parts of the world! 

Now we are busy on the weekends getting acquainted to our new surroundings including our new “Hilltop” gardens, pergola, and glass house.  As Neal is working on transforming the “Monet” inspired gardens to be more functional space, I am working on creating a health and fitness studio in the glass house.  I am discovering the new outdoor exercise opportunities as sweeping the many stairs towards “The Hilltop”, raking the Eucalyptus tree branches and leaves off the “golf course” (putting greens) and spreading out the gravel to be even on the walkways.  We are beginning to feel connected to our back yard and upper “Hilltop” gardens as we spend more time here each day. 

Neal and I are both able to work at home online as he started a new job based out of New Zealand and I am coaching clients online to help them burn fat, get healthy and improve their aging process!   Working at home can be a new challenge but we found a routine that works for us during the workdays -starting with freshly made coffee (French press) by myself then starting the day with yoga, walking, biking or running as the sunrises. 

Now that I created the fitness studio in the Glass House on The Hilltop – we can do a circuit training workout there in the mornings or evenings.  We finish the work day with a walk around our new neighborhood (always hills to get home!) to meet our neighbors (lots of people walking dogs!) or yin yoga after the sunsets (best for improving sleep!).

Weekends this past summer, we love to have “date” night on Friday nights with ourselves or friends on the beach.  We pack up dinner and head to Encinitas Moonlight Beach for a walk or run along the coast then bring our chairs and picnic on the beach to watch the sunset.  The days are getting shorter very fast, so we hope to continue this “summer” date night a few more weeks! 

On Saturdays, yes, we are very scheduled, we LOVE to ride our bikes in the local mountains and explore the areas – especially finding new hills to climb (my favorite).  We fell in love with the “Tuscany Hills” up north towards Fallbrook and Temecula- which are not too far from us now.  Last weekend, we attempted to ride up to Palomar Mountain (12-mile climb) but I had a dehydration headache, so we didn’t make it up the last five miles (hour ride uphill!).  We did notice it was 97’ when we got back to the car- no wonder why I was dehydrated!  We need to plan a little better next time and try it again!

Sundays we love to head to the coast for a long run and pack a lunch for the beach while the weather is still “Summer” is here!  Chores start after we do our play time outside and “bond” with our new home.

Summer seems to go through October here- perfect for me as I love to enjoy the warm days of summer as long as possible.  Ideally, we would be heading to Kona, Hawaii this past weekend to attend Ironman Hawaii but of course, as the rest of 2020, it was cancelled. 

What are you doing to take advantage of this new change in our world?  What is the gift of 2020 for you?  For me- it has taught me to SLOW DOWN, enjoy the ride of life and live in the moment.  Also, I was able to finally focus on following my purpose as a health coach to help others avoid going through what happened to me starting back in 2013.  I wrote my book “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” to share my personal story and experiences with others to create awareness of doing too much in life and avoiding those “red flags” our body tells us when we need to SLOW DOWN and LIVE LIFE AS A JOURNEY. 

In 2015, I published my manual and workbook to help create awareness of transforming the WHOLE you from the inside out with the eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method”.  Both my book and manual area available on Amazon.  Now I am working on sharing my story and journey – as well as building a new business to help others feel their best, move their best and perform their best in life -even in our crazy world right now. 

Personally, I think 2020 is the ideal time for our world to wake up and work on GETTING HEALTHY by identifying their “areas of opportunity” by working with a certified FDN Practitioner as myself.  This is the time of all times we should be improving our health from the inside out as most of all of us are not fit and healthy- but we could be if we collected the right clues to identify our hidden imbalances and dysfunctions.

Do you want to get back on track? 

Let’s work on getting your body and vibrancy back again by investigating the WHOLE you from the inside out. 

Click here to chat more about my Health (RE) Building Coaching Services.  I coach ambitious and motivated individuals online or at “The Hilltop Sanctuary”!

I look forward to chatting with you soon!  Let me know how you are doing and how your life has changed for the better in 2020! Click here to chat.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling energetic and excited to tackle the day?

OR do you wake up in the morning exhausted, depressed and frazzled?

I used to wake up each morning, way too earlier, to get a head start on the day by checking emails, getting organized for my clients and drinking way too much coffee!

Are you living life as a race from the time the alarm goes off (before the sunrises!) until you hit the pillow back again after the sunsets (too late!)?

I used to pack too much into my day including exercise, coaching clients/work appointments, running my own business (fitness studio) and trying to build a relationship with my husband. I can’t even imagine how my health would have been if I had children to take care of each day on top of my crazy work life schedule.

Now it is my purpose and my mission to help others similar to me (ambitious, high performing…) get their body and vibrant life back.

Do you feel like you are doing all the “RIGHT” things but still struggle to burn fat?

Are you gaining weight “over night” – even though you are eating real food and exercising daily?

You feel inflammed, bloated and blotchy even with exercise and eating real food?

Does your body feel sluggish, heavy and slow to recover from workout sessions?

YES to one or more of the above symptoms?

I have been there and now changed my career focus to help you avoid going down that path as I did to breaking down and burning out all of your body systems so muc that it will take YEARS to repair and recover from the damage you have created from your choices.

Choose to GET HEALTHY now to improve the aging process and your longevity.

How do you know if your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits are creating more damage than good?

TEST and not GUESS!

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