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The health of the immune system depends on the health of the gut as the “GALT” – gut associated lymphoid tissue is in the gut wall lining (Lamina Propria- layer of loose connective tissue) that makes up the mucosa barrier.  The GALT is rich in immune cells- our lymphocytes as IgA secreting “B cells” that we discussed earlier. The intestinal submucosa joins the mucosa to the underlying smooth muscle where the blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves are held to transport the nutrients and dietary fats.  Our parasympathetic nervous system, nerves, is connected to the mucosa layer- autonomic nervous system to stimulate proper digestion and elimination processes. 

If the gut isn’t working, then out immune system isn’t working either!  Gut motility, defense and immunity.  All of the layers of the mucosal lining need to be functioning at optimal level.

The intestinal barrier needs to high integrity –healthy mucosal barrier need to be healthy.  The little villi need to be functioning and we need to keep the space between each villus tight- the tight junctions need to work together to keep offenders out from the bloodstream and keep the “guards” together.

What can go wrong in the gut?  If the digestion system has dysfunction then the gut has dysfunction… HPA Axis, immune, brain and the list go on.

The challenge is the amount of “hidden stressors” or “attacks” the gut wall lining, defense team, have to deal with daily.

  • Poor food choices
  • Eating foods, you are reactive or sensitive towards
  • Toxic exposure and overload
  • Infections as parasites, bacteria, virus and yeasts (next lab test!)
  • Small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO)
  • Medication and drugs
  • Emotional stress
  • Genetic predisposition

If our gut structures and functions are constantly suffering, then the gut becomes irritated and inflamed – we then experience imbalances and a “cascade” of other malfunctions and imbalances including LEAKY GUT! 

We then experience dysfunction and symptoms start to appear as the body is now in a state of constate stress (internal) and chronic diseases result- you may never know that the unexplained symptoms are related to the digestive system!  The symptoms can be so far removed from the actual underlying conditions as gut dysfunction unless you get help from an FDN Practitioner health detective!

LEAKY GUT is basically the end result from chronic irritation to the mucosal barrier/gut wall lining, we create “holes” and inflammation in the gut. 

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