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Breath is the ultimate compass of peak performance and longer life. Find your fitness superpower by unlocking your breath.

The first nutrition and training program personalized to your metabolism with clinical precision. Meet PNOĒ and Coach Debbie Potts




Whether you are looking to lose fat weight, beat your last time or improve the aging process, PNOĒ is the only program that can guarantee success. Here’s why:


Metabolic slowdown is the No 1 reason diets fail
8% weight loss avg.


O‍2 flow through the lungs, heart, and cells is the hallmark of performance.
14% reduction in race times.


O‍2 flow through lungs, heart, and cells is the strongest predictor of longevity and chronic disease.
5.2% reduction in biological age.

Coach Debbie gives you a personalized The WHOLESTIC Method program that includes everything required for your optimal success.



A nutrition program tailored to your preferences, calorie, macronutrient, and micronutrient requirements.



Training based on your limitations and tailored to any equipment or program you’re using.

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A deep dive into your metabolic, lung, and heart fitness with an expert.

You’re in good hands.

Debbie coaches the “WHOLE” athlete from the inside out to burn fat, optimize health and improve athletic performance- while improving the aging process with “The WHOLESTIC Method” coaching program.

Coach Debbie Potts coaches driven, ambitious, high charging and high performing individuals, who are struggling to get results by doing all the “right” things to get their body and vibrant self back again.  If you are confused about how to fuel for exercise and the aging athlete (fed or fasted exercise?), as well as how to train to improve fat loss and performance…then PNOE Metabolic Testing and Assessment with Coach Debbie is the perfect place to get started on your health optimization journey. 

Do you want to improve the aging process?

Coach Debbie offers different personalized coaching programs if you want to dive deeper than just the PNOE Metabolic resting and exercise test.  Debbie starts by collecting clues of your external and H.I.D.D.E.N. internal sources of chronic stress.  We run a full investigation to put the missing pieces of your health puzzle back together by checking “under the hood” with selected functional lab tests and then correlate data to your nutritional therapy assessment, biometrics, genetic data, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.  

Test and not guess by getting a personalized coaching program to improve fat loss, performance gains and longevity.  

Transform the WHOLE You from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching Program. 

Let Coach Debbie Potts help get you started with a personalized coaching program to be Fit and Healthy from the inside out so you know how to fuel, train and perform your best in life, sports and your FUTURE self!

Coach Debbie Potts
The WHOLESTIC Method Program
Fat Loss. Performance. Longevity. 

PNOE Metabolic Testing

Certified FDNP and FNTP 


Host of the Low Carb Athlete Podcast

Testing Your Metabolic Rate

What it means?

It’s a gauge of how fast or slow your metabolism is. In other words, whether your body is burning more or fewer calories than what’s predicted based on your weight, gender, age, and height.

Why it’s important for your performance?

A high Metabolic Rate (i.e., having both a high Resting Metabolic Rate and low mechanical efficiency) indicates low levels of training fatigue accumulations. Reduction in Resting Metabolic Rate and/or increase in Mechanical Efficiency in low exercise intensities are highly correlated with unsustainable accumulation of exercise strain.

Why it’s important for your wellness?

A high Metabolic Rate will protect you from weight gain as your body will burn more calories allowing you to eat more without gaining weight. It also facilitates weight loss as burning more calories means that even a modest restriction in food intake will result in a meaningful calorie de"cit and weight loss. A high Metabolic Rate is attained through a high Resting Metabolic Rate and a low Mechanical Efficiency in low exercise intensities.

PNOE Metabolic Testing &
The WHOLESTIC Method Packages

Optional Add on Coaching Services

Add on FDNP Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Assessment $197

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Add on monthly PRACTICE BETTER + CRONOMETER nutrition or TRAINING PEAKS exercise accountability coaching $297 per month 

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