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Real Thoughts …Liver Detoxification- our housekeeping service!

Real Thoughts …Liver Detoxification- our housekeeping service!

We can improve our health of the liver by following ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ elements as the liver performs over 500 different jobs so we need it functioning its best so we can feel and perform our best for life and sports!  We all need to do a program as my ‘The WHOLESTIC Method 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge: Detox and Reset” a few times a year or every quarter/seasonal change.  We have so many toxins in our environment including what we put on our skin, in the air we breathe, in the products we use in our house as well as the food we consume.  The liver has the main job as being our filter and it gets overwhelmed from the excessive toxins it has to filter – so anything too much is going to become dysfunctional, congested, clogged and exhausted.

Our liver needs to be strong and healthy in order to eliminate the toxins…our car’s filter and exhaust fan needs to be replaced each year, our liver needs a cleanse and a detox.   Keep in mind that the brain doesn’t categorize stressors- internal and external sources so a clogged dysfunctional liver could be causing adrenal dysfunction from a source of excess stress.  Another function of the liver is related to blood sugar regulation and fat metabolism.   The bile is produced in the liver, then stored in the gallbladder and released in the stomach to start fat digestion.  Bile is the river where toxins are eliminated via the lymphatic system and exits out via our feces (poop!).    The liver needs to be functioning at an optimal level to help remove toxins out of the body via bile.

Bile is also produced in the liver and it breaks down fats and stimulates proper digestion. When the blood passes through the liver, detoxification occurs and all the nutrients are kept to help the body stay healthy and operational.  More to come on another blog especially since so many people have had their gallbladders removed!

Why is our liver health important to our Vitality?

  • A healthy and properly functioning liver is key to optimal health
  • A dysfunctional or less than optimal functioning liver = low energy, bloated, gassy, and even difficulty losing weight
  • Symptoms of a dysfunctional liver include headaches, emotional problems and nausea
  • The liver is one of the most important organs- detoxifies the supplements, chemicals, food, medications… the function compromised if congested.
  • A congested liver- toxins build up leading to brain fog, gastric issues, irritability and more!
  • Good liver helps you recover faster
  • Cleanses body from toxins
  • All chemical levels are regulated by the liver
  • Breakdowns fats and proper digestion via bile and the gallbladder


Top ways to detox your liver- from the inside out! Detoxification for overall health

  1. To naturally cleanse liver – remove all toxic ingredients and foods out of diet.  Get the junk out of your diet!  Remove the processed grains, sugar, packaged foods and switch to REAL WHOLE foods in original form including organic vegetables.
  2. Eliminate factory raised animals products with pesticides, herbicides, steroids, medication residues and other toxic chemicals.  Conventional meat and dairy are loaded with toxins!
  3. Milk thistle– king of detox herbs; boost glutathione to help detox the liver and cells (150mg 2x daily). Huge role in supporting liver detox
  4. Turmeric- shown to be high antioxidant to help liver and gallbladder (1 tbls per day in food or 2 capsules or 1000mg per day).  Reduces liver inflammation- and GI Tract and cleanses liver
  5. Dandelion- packed potassium and other herbal compounds.  Supports gallbladder to release.  Acts as a diuretic to release toxins via urine -one of our elimination pathways
  6. Detox your emotions!  The emotions you experience also impact your emotions as frustration, resentment, anger and unforgiveness that directly affect the liver!  Spouse, co-workers, family, friends- those toxic emotions can shut down your liver.  Make a list of people you feel anger, resentment or have not forgiven and work on letting go!  Heal and detoxify your emotions!
  7. Practice gratitude and forgiveness – brings joy and happiness into your life!  Don’t keep your emotions inside- work on talking as well as writing your emotions.  Detox from the inside out including emotions.
  8. Eating beef or chicken liver actually helps – supplements or good source liver can help the health of your liver!  Beef liver to help overcome cancer as well.  Chicken liver pate?  Chicken and liver crockpot mix?  Liver tabs instead…my choice!
  9. Consume foods that cleanse the liver as sprouts, salads, sour foods as beets, kimchee, sauerkraut… probiotic rich foods are the most nourishing to the liver in Chinese Medicine.  Add some olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar to the vegetables.

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