Reboot the WHOLE you this October!

Prep Homework:  

1.  Measure your waist 

2.  Optional bikini 👙 picture for your before … belly area you should see most changes as you decrease inflammation and start to burn fat!  

3.  Weigh in … and don’t weigh for another week (weekly) or wait until November 1st (my preference) as the focus is habit and lifestyle changes. 

4. Clean out fridge, pantry and freezer – eliminate trigger foods!  No sugar or grains.

5.  Set up ZOOM for our weekly team meetings to review program details and questions.

Don’t focus on fat loss as it will just happen if you work on the WHOLE you!

Let’s start by opening up the drainage pathways to prepare our body to detox toxins, repair and heal …

  • Hot/cold shower intervals everyone can do! 
  • Toxic binder- find activated charcoal (Bulletproof brand is good) or Bentonite Clay. 
  • Fat cells store day so we need binders to “escort” the toxins out of the body via our elimination pathways- 💩 pool and pee!
  • Energybits sells “Recovery Bits” that work for a binder

If not  already…please return health history and 3-day food log with SYMPTOMS to me once registered.  I will send you “The WHOLESTIC Method” Manual then we will add some tweaks for the 5-day plan.  

EATING REAL FOOD and Time Restricted Eating (TRE or TRF)!  Some say …the optimal human diet. This is how we were designed to eat. 

Updated 30-day Program overview: slightly different than manual 

  • Intermittent fasting 12-16 hours 
  • Time restricted eating -build up to 8 hours 
  • Five days of liquid nutrition then build to optional OMAD – one meal a day one day a week 
  • Anti-Inflammatory REAL FOOD plan or “Keto Carnivore” …avoiding plants and inflammatory foods that irritate gut (oxalates, lectins, gluten)
  • Option for Bone broth cleanse day with 1-6 cups… more if choose to do more gut healing protocol that includes 1-3 day bone broth fast. 
  • Low carb 50 net grams max per day is goal.  
  • Suggested elimination of vegetables if gut issues
  • Phase One Liver Detox Jumpstart
  • Phase Two Digestive Repair and Reset as well as Sugar Detox
  • Phase Three Maintenance- how to continue eating this way 80/20 guidelines once “flipped the switch”, metabolically flexible and fat adapted
  • We will chat more on our weekly call!

Updated Shopping list:

Healthy Protein Sources as…

  • Organic bone broth as Bonafide Provisions or Cauldron (Freezer section at Whole Foods)
  • Animal meat- grass fed ideally 
  • Free range poultry
  • Wild caught fish 

Healthy fats as…

  • Avocado and avocado oil (cooking)
  • Coconut oil
  • Grass fed butter or ghee
  • Olives, olive oil (low heat)
  • Ghee 

Liver Detox and Digestive Repair Supplements as…

  • Herbal liver detox tea and Digestive tea (lots of options in tea section at grocery store)
  • Braggs Apple cider vinegar
  • Lemon
  • Redmond’sSea Salt for cooking and water 
  • Electrolytes, magnesium, Omega fatty acids, Probiotics 

Suggested Item with Links:

  1. Digestion Supplement
  2. Keto Mojo to measure blood glucose and ketones
  3. Athletic Greens super drink
  4. Dr. Axe Bone Broth Shakes “Keto Feast”
  5. Healing Essential Oils for Parasympathetic, Digestion and Stress

Motivational Tips:

  • Avoid everything else basically!
  • No sugar, no grains
  • Eat the natural human diet 
  • Eat real food 
  • No processed foods or sugar substitutes 
  • Inflammatory foods- corn, peanuts, pasteurized cow dairy, sugar, gluten, lectins, and more
  • Break the addiction: just rip the bandaid off…and cut out additive foods cold turkey.  
  • Break the habits and sugar carb addiction while we improve liver and gut function as with start the journey to burning fat and not carbohydrates as main fuel source.  
  • Fat adaptation takes 4-6 weeks or longer depending on damage. 
  • Exercise…low intensity this week as you adjust. Recovery week for those who train hard.  
  • Stress…measure HRV 
  • Detox… infrared therapy is you have access. 

Food Macronutrient Trackers:

  • Chronometer 
  • My Fitness Pal

The WHOLESSTIC Method Coaching Guidelines-

  • Bed by 10pm- sleep 7-9 hours
  • Stop eating 3 hours before bed 
  • 12 to 18 hour over night fast …water okay and black coffee 
  • Build up to an eight hour eating window 
  • One main meal a day if not doing bone broth fast (1-2 days a week)
  • Stress management …de stress tips as breathing, morning walks, yoga, meditation
  • Play, laugh and enjoy life more each day 
  • Open drainage pathways before we begin to detox the body …remove chemicals in foods, personal care products and household products 
  • Phase two we will adjust and focus on digestion repair, leaky gut healing protocol with optional supplements 

Additional notes on Keto Carnivore Experiment:

  • Vegetables are a great source of the micronutrients that many of us are deficient in, but so are good high-quality meat. 100% grass fed, grass finished beef, wild caught fish, pasture-raised pork, pasture-raised chicken, and pasture-raised eggs are also very rich in the micronutrients that you need.

  • Meat is easier to digest than vegetables most of the time, it’s also easier for us to absorb the nutrients found in meat than in vegetables.
  • Intuitive eating is a practice you will learn 

  • Amino acids are builders and maintainers of our muscles, and so taking more of it will help our metabolism. 

  • The more muscles you have, the higher your metabolism will be because you need more energy to sustain those muscle versus fat.

Action Steps:

            •           Make sure that you’re getting good, high-quality meat.

            •           Increase the protein in your diet.

            •           Try going carnivore yourself and make it a good learning experience.

            •           Make sure that part of your intuitive eating plan is to fully nourish your body.

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