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Improve the Aging Process with Coach Debbie Potts

Do you feel sluggish, fat and weak?

Do your workouts lack power, strength and speed?

Are you struggling to get the desired results even though you’re doing all the right things you’ve tried in the past?

What is the definition of insanity? 

What are you doing the same feeling a training program over and over again and expecting different results? 

Don’t blame the aging process, but embrace the changes in Adapt.

Sometimes we need to push pause and reset then switch it up.

A new workout and fueling routine maybe just what you need. Are you lifting heavy weights? Are you adding in high intensity interval training with some short interval burst training?

Are you doing any plyometrics that are safe for you and work with your body mechanics? 

The WHOLESTIC Method coaching program is what you may need to get a jumpstart towards living your best life on your second half of your life.

What are your cortisol?

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