Are you motivated to live your best life?

How do you know if you have a strong immune system?

Are you preparing your body to fight off viruses for the day you are exposed? 

I believe we should be taking this time to put our immune system “troops and weapons” through “spring training” to prepare them for war…just in case the day comes.  Our innate and adaptive immune system needs a little tune up with a reset and reboot. 

Don’t you feel a little softer, heavier, and more sluggish from the past few months? 

Why we need to TEST and stop guessing if we are fit and healthy on the inside out.  We make look fit on the outside but on the inside be a total mess.  Our focus right now, more than ever, should be to take ownership of our own health and be a part of the solution. 

I believe that we all should be taking action on implementing self-care nutrition and lifestyle habits while we test “under the hood” to get an individualized approach to rebuilding and restoring one’s health to their optimal levels.  WE should be thriving each day instead of living in fear waiting for a magic pill.  Getting healthy starts with you…taking ownership and being empowered by wellness. 

How do you GET HEALTHY? 

We can help you be your best self and live your best life -with proper investigation on the WHOLE you then create an individualized Health (RE) Building protocol.

Are you making your health a priority?

Let’s get started on investigating what is actually going on “under the hood” in your body to discover how strong and resilient your immune system is today.

One of my favorite lab tests to collect clues is the new lab test from Microbiome Labs called BiomeFX.

Kiran and I went over my BiomeFX test results this past spring. Now it is your chance to investigate how diverse your microbiome is under your hood.

Now it is your chance to learn more about your microbiome diversity and get empowered how to get started in your transformation…

  • BiomeFX lab testing kit:  $399 (order your kit here)
  • The WHOLESTIC Method Results & Recommendations Package:  $599 (includes 3-45 minute coaching sessions)   
  • Get the full investigation in one of my three packages for a more in depth look at your health on the inside and out by setting up a call with me here to learn more about The Jumpstart, The Intensive or The Total Transformation Coaching Packages for individualized online Health (RE) Building protocols.

BiomeFX™️ Analysis Package can be ordered here

BiomeFx™️ has a higher DNA capture than any other popular stool test on the market. This is because of a DNA sequencing method called whole-genome sequencing. This allows the test to see not only the presence of certain gut microbes, but also their precise abundance so that we can measure ratios of bacteria and determine ratios of dysbiosis for each individual.

Here are some key takeaways you will walk away with: 

☑️ Accurate, reliable results 

☑️ A deeper understanding of how your microbiome may be impacting your overall health

☑️ Individualized lifestyle and dietary recommendations 

☑️ Actionable outcomes

To learn more about BiomeFx™️ or order your test kit today contact me directly to learn more, your microbiome will thank you! 


You can click here to order your BiomeFX lab kit then we can assess your test results with my special offer below.

Stool testing has become a popular method for evaluating the status of an individuals’ microbiome. The problem is that many of these tests are often lacking in accuracy, reliability, and functionality.

BiomeFx not only uses the most advanced and accurate sequencing technology, but it also explores some of the many inner functions of the gut microbiome. 

This test will explore the pathogens in your gut as well as the keystone species that are crucial to overall health and the metabolic functions that rely on the gut microbiome. With these insights, you can then use the actionable nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations as a road map for improving your unique gut microbiome. This is the future of microbiome assessment and analysis.

Diversity is Key!!

Let’s start testing and investigating what is going on “under the hood” if you want to burn fat, optimize your health and to improve the aging process.  Contact me here to learn more about my BiomeFX Functional Microbiome Analysis and order your BiomeFx lab testing kit here.

When talking about diversity in an ecological setting, there are two types of diversity: alpha- and beta-diversity.

In ecology, alpha-diversity

  • Refers to the average diversity of species in a particular ecosystem.
  • This marker reflects your own personal species diversity within your gut microbiome – aka how many different types of bacteria that are present.
  • A robust number of bacterial species is linked to better health and a more resilient microbiome, which is why alpha-diversity is a key factor when assessing overall health and longevity.

Beta-diversity is the variation of species when comparing two separate ecosystems.

  • This marker reflects the overall diversity of your gut microbiome as compared to a healthy population.
  • This is an important reference marker because you could have great diversity within your own microbiome, but you could have low beta-diversity when compared with healthy populations.
  • This would indicate that microbial diversity should be a priority for you going forward.
  • Taking a closer look at your keystone species can provide useful insight into improving your beta-diversity.
  • The goal is never perfection but progress.

The Resistome Occurrence Index is …

  • A measure of richness and stability within your gut microbiome.
  • It is also a measure of the overall resilience and strength of the microbiome.
  • In the microbiome, bacteria can produce natural anti-microbials and chemicals to compete with one another through a process called competitive exclusion.
  • A low index suggests that you have low richness and resilience in your gut.
  • A stronger and more diverse gut microbiome will be more resilient against gut-damaging factors.
  • The more resilient your microbiome becomes, the more it can withstand healthy competition amongst a variety of bacterial and fungal species.
  • If there is insufficient competition within the gut microbiome, this can indicate that the ecology of the gut is out of balance.
  • Just as a sailboat cannot sail without the resistance of the wind, the gut microbiome cannot function to protect the human host without healthy microbial competition in the gut.

Contact me if you are ready to start testing and assesing your gut health if you are ready to GET HEALTHY!

Test and NOT Guess!

How to Address Gut Infections

  • BiomeFx analyzes over 25 pathogens and measures their relative abundance as a percentage of your entire microbiome.
  • This is different from traditional stool tests looking for any detectable number of pathogens present.
  • While it isn’t uncommon to have a small number of pathogens present in your microbiome, the relative abundance in proportion to your other bacteria is what’s important.
  • A strong microbiome is equipped with both strong competition among species and resilient keystone strains to maintain a healthy environment.
  • This healthy competition is just one of the factors that helps to keep pathogens in check.
  • By evaluating multiple aspects of microbial balance, strength, and resilience, BiomeFx is able to provide a customized plan to re-balance pathogen occurrence. It is also worth noting that older technologies have a high rate of false positives when it comes to pathogen detection due to the limitations of their sequencing methods.
  • This is just part of the reason why whole genome sequencing is the most accurate technology on the market
  • We have co-evolved with microbes in our gastrointestinal tract for millions of years, and during that time, a symbiotic relationship has developed.
  • The interaction between the microbial populations and human metabolic processes is one of great scientific interest.
  • Linking the bridge between bacterial populations and human health is at the forefront of creating personalized medicine
  • Researchers are beginning to understand how the microbiome influences hormone balance, neurotransmitters, autoimmunity, detoxification, digestion, and disease risk.
  • One of the most unique aspects of BiomeFX (in partnership with CosmosID) is the ability to evaluate the influence of the gut microbiome on disease risk.
  • With the most robust database of healthy samples, BiomeFx can help you identify early deviation from a healthy population.

Are you ready to TEST your microbiome to discover how to GET HEALTHY? 

A La Carte Lab Testing & Analysis Pricing:

  • BiomeFX lab testing kit:  $399 (order your kit here)
  • The WHOLESTIC Method Results & Recommendations Package:  $599 (includes 3-45 minute coaching sessions)   
  • Get the full investigation in one of my three packages for a more in depth look at your health on the inside and out by setting up a call with me here to learn more about The Jumpstart, The Intensive or The Total Transformation Coaching Packages for individualized online Health (RE) Building protocols.

Ideally, we investigate the WHOLE you and collect additional clues of external stressors and other hidden internal stressors then create an individualized “DRESS For Health Success” protocol for you to repair, rebuild and restore the WHOLE you by working on nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management and supplements as needed to bring your body back to optimal balance (homeostasis). 

Take ownership of your health and help be a part of the solution by strengthening your immune system and resiliency.

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