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How do we create a PERSONALIZED Training & Fueling Program?

How can “The WHOLESTIC Method” Personalized Coaching & Assessments help your team improve their overall health?
• Weight Loss or really Body Re-Composition for Decreased FAT Loss & Increase Lean Body Mass
• Performance Gains to get stronger and faster by identifying your limitators or “areas of opportunity”!
• Longevity:  Improve the Aging Process

The WHOLESTIC Method offers two Metabolic Tests:

The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) & Report determines how many calories you should consume per day to maintain, lose, or gain weight.
  •  Metabolic Fitness
  •  Resting Metabolic Rate
  •  Fat-Burning Efficiency
  •  Heart Fitness
  •  Lung Fitness
  •  Breathing & Cognition
  •  Breathing & Posture
  •  Diabetes Risk
  •  Medical History
  •  Training History
  •  Nutrition History
The Exercise (Active) Metabolic Assessment and Report determines your respiratory fitness, optimal heart rate training zones, peak fat burning zone, and your anaerobic threshold on a treadmill, bike, or both.
  •  Aerobic Health
  •  Cardiovascular Fitness
  •  Respiratory Capacity
  •  Respiratory Capability
  •  Expiratory Power
  •  Respiratory Coordination
  •  Breathing & Cognition
  •  Breathing & Stability
  •  Fat Burning Efficiency
  •  Metabolic Rate
  •  High-Intensity Performance
  •  Movement Economy
  •  Recovery Capacity
Both tests require about a 1 hour, and they can be performed back to back. 
  • When performing the RMR, it is best to schedule an early morning appointment, as the test requires a 3-hour fast beforehand.
  • The two tests provide a snapshot of a person’s current metabolic state.  Results will vary depending on training, sickness, and injury.
  • It is important to recognize that test results are best used when making changes to lifestyle, training, nutrition and supplements.
  • We can use the results to create a “The WHOLESTIC Method” personalized training plan on Training Peaks and Nutrition Plan on “Practice BETTER” app.
  • Be sure to schedule your next test to follow up as tests should be scheduled every quarter to monitor progress.
Learn more in link below.  We can schedule a zoom call to “discover” more!

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