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Shawn Wells is the founder of Zone Halo and joins the podcast in this episode. About eight years ago, Shawn developed a pituitary adenoma brain tumor. This caused him to become very involved in supplements, biohacking, paleo, keto, and fasting.

Working at different supplement stores and as a dietitian in hospitals, Shawn became positively addicted to helping people. He became hungry for knowledge, and providing dietary advice was extremely empowering to him. After talking about this, Shawn reveals the first thing you need to do to optimize your health.

Everyone is different in terms of what their body needs, and Shawn adds that the mindset of the individual is often overlooked. He says we don’t have to push our agenda on someone else; we have to help them celebrate their wins from getting healthier. If it’s too hard for them, make changes to help them.

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