I am honored to have the carnivore OG Shawn Baker on my podcast to talk about the animal-based food plan for the endurance athlete! A few extra comments to review from their Q & A forum to review: https://carnivore.diet/carnivore-diet/ Have you tried a gut reset and healing protocol using Carnivore?

Have you trained and race as an endurance athlete on a carnivore based diet?

Shawn Baker is a lifelong elite-level athlete and a medical doctor. He served as a combat trauma surgeon and chief of orthopedics while deployed to Afghanistan with the United States Air Force. His focus in recent years has been on using nutrition as a tool for health, performance, and overall well-being. Through his Carnivore Training System and private consulting work, he has inspired countless thousands of others to challenge a flawed nutritional paradigm and opt for a carnivorous lifestyle instead.

During our discussion, you will discover what the carnivore diet is, the benefits of switching to a carnivore, the foods that are accepted in the diet, and where to start if you’re considering carnivore! You will also learn about the healing properties of meat, along with troubleshooting for those who choose to transition to an animal-based diet, the effects of consuming too many dairy products, and the best time to eat for endurance athletes. Tune in to learn more on this and other exciting topics!

Resources mentioned

The Carnivore Diet

Cardiff Seaside Market


[08:38] About Dr. Shawn Baker

[09:48] What is a carnivore diet?

[10:24] The common benefits of switching to a carnivore diet

[10:57] The foods that are allowed in a carnivore diet

[12:09] How to begin a carnivore diet

[12:36] What to do during the transition process

[23:08] Why Dr. Shawn is passionate about the carnivore diet

[26:46] People who can benefit a lot from a carnivore diet

[30:02] The struggles of people starting to consume an animal diet

[32:27] Fasting and carnivore diet

[35:10] How carnivore diet relates to ketosis

[47:35] The effects of consuming too many dairy products

[49:40] Why is meat so healing

[56:43] The best time to eat for endurance athletes

[01:01:21] The post workouts for having a meal

[10:07:43] Switching from a high carb diet to a carnivore diet

Notable quotes

  • “A carnivore diet means getting nutrition from animal source foods and eliminating all plants from the diet. The purpose of this diet is health improvement.”
  • “There are two ways to prevent you from losing muscles, getting enough protein and resistance training. So, if you are going to fast, eat a lot of protein and lift a lot of weight.”
  • “Many people have reduced or even reversed the symptoms of diabetes, mental disorder, hormone imbalances, blood pressure, and many more by switching to the carnivore diet.”
  • “When you switch from a high carb diet to a carnivore diet, you may see a decline in performance for a month, two, or even six months. It is called the adaptation period.”

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