Episode #469 Mark Allen on Tri Dot Coaching, Fueling and Longevity!

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Mark Allen is the most successful triathlete of all time, having won the IRONMAN Triathlon World Championships 6-Times, The Nice International Triathlon 10-Times, and the first recognized Olympic Distance Triathlon Championship.

He went undefeated in 21 races for an astounding two-year winning streak from late 1988-1990. He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for IRONMAN, USA Triathlon, and the International Triathlon Union. In 2012 Mark was voted The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time by ESPN. Post-retirement, Mark has devoted his career to coaching athletes of all levels and sharing the lessons he learned about preparation, perseverance, and living up to your full potential with teams, companies, and organizations worldwide.

In our discussion, you will discover Mark’s training philosophy, how he keeps track of all the athletes, the trends in training for the endurance athlete, and the minimal effective training for the aging athlete. You will also learn how to match your fueling and training, the best recovery process, and coaching tips for the endurance athlete. Tune in to learn more!

Episode resources



[02:51] Mark Allen’s Background information

[05:56] The Book: Fits Soul, Fits Body

[06:16] The Book: The Art of Competition

[12:31] The endure IQ program

[18:20] Mondays with Mark Allen

[22:00] How Mark keeps track of all the athletes

[24:14] The trends in training for the endurance athletes

[25:50] Mark’s training philosophy

[32:32] The minimal effective training for aging athletes

[41:35] Stacey Sim’s research on women athletes

[46:38] Matching your fueling with your training

[54:06] The recovery process

[01:02:28] Coaching tips for endurance athletes

Notable quotes

  • “If people are doing a lot of aerobic training but don’t have a lot of time to train, they won’t be getting in enough volume training to get those big strong changes in fitness that they are searching for.”
  • “As we age, strength training becomes more important because it helps us maintain our strength.”
  • “It’s super important for people to take charge of their health because it’s easy, cheap, and increases longevity.”

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