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Episode #474 Dr. Jay Wiles on HRV and Hanu Health

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Dr. Jay Wiles is an Internationally recognized expert in applied psychophysiology and heart rate variability for human performance. He has an extensive history of working with top-performing athletes in the PGA, LPGA, MLS, MLB, ATP, and WTA. He is also a consultant to industry-leading organizational executives and top health influencers. He is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Hanu Health, a venture-backed health technology company. His consulting firm, Thrive Wellness and Performance has held contracts with leading biotechnology organizations where he has engaged in research, the development of therapeutics, and the development of behavioral retention programs.

During our discussion, you will learn why Dr. jay Wiles got into functional breathing, the purpose of the Hanu app, how you can improve your HRV, and an important breathing exercise you can do before eating to help reduce stress and improve digestion. You’ll discover more ways to prevent digestive issues, the difference between box and resonance breathing, and how HRV helps in fat loss. Tune in to learn more!

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Episode resources:



[02:40] Dr. Jay Wiles background information

[13:29] The purpose of the Hanu app

[15:17] Why Dr. Jay got into functional breathing

[19:40] HRV and how you can improve on that

[22:13] What we measure to find to find our HRV

[33:13] How HRV strand work

[42:14] The breathing exercises you can do before you’re eating

[44:10] The best way to prevent digestive issues

[49:15] Box breathing and resonance breathing

[54:18] How does HRV help in fat loss?

[01:05:42] Dr. Jay Wiles health routine

Notable quotes

  • “Stress is not a bad thing. It helps us adapt to challenges.”
  • “The breathing exercises you can do before eating can help shift you to the parasympathetic nervous system you need to be in.”
  • “It takes practice and repetition to create a response that becomes reflexive. So, knowing what kind of practice works for you takes practice.”
  • “Figure out what you will do for yourself now to set yourself up in later life to thrive every day and not struggle to survive the day.”


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