Episode #475 Dr. Bill Schindler on How To Eat Like a Human

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Dr. Bill Schindler is the author of Eat Like a Human: Nourishing Foods and Ancient Ways of Cooking to Revolutionize Your Health and is an internationally known archaeologist, primitive technologist, and chef. He explores the role of technology in our ancestral dietary past by combining archaeological research and ethnographic fieldwork. He founded and directed the Eastern Shore Food Lab with a mission to preserve and revive ancestral dietary approaches to create a nourishing, ethical, and sustainable food system. His wife, Christina, operates the Modern Stone Age Kitchen, a foodery designed to provide nourishing food using ancestral approaches maximizing safety, nutrient density, and bioavailability to the community where he serves as the executive chef.

During our discussion, you will learn what drives Dr. Bill to revolutionize health through ancestral cooking, the importance of understanding the ancestral approach to food, what humans do wrong in regard to nutrition, and the basics of making real food. You will also discover the benefits of real nutrient-dense food to endurance athletes and the things you can eat during exercise that are easy to digest. Tune in to learn more!

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[02:05] Dr. Bill Schindler’s background information

[04:25] The Holistic Method Comprehensive Coaching Program

[19:49] What drives Dr. Bill to revolutionize health through ancestral cooking

[24:29] The importance of understanding the ancestral approach to food

[25:06] What humans do wrong in nutrition

[29:45] The ancestral diet

[40:01] Being fit and healthy by eating real nutrient-dense food

[41:29] The basics of making real food

[43:23] The right food to eat

[56:21] Ways to think about eating plants and animals

[01:03:35] Recommendations for people introducing organ meat into their diet

[01:06:01] The benefits of real nutrient-dense food to the endurance athlete

[01:15:25] Things you can eat during exercises that are easy to digest

Notable quotes:

  • “The thing about humans that is different from any other animal on the planet is that we eat diets that we are not biologically designed to consume.”
  • “After the industrial revolution in the 1700s, many people were disconnected from producing food and became consumers. This caused an increase in food processing, making it more dangerous.”
  • “Most plant toxins occur in the seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes. Soaking and fermenting help with reducing the toxins.”
  • “Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.”

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