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Episode #478 Joshua Church on Cold Therapy for Fat Loss, Performance & Longevity

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Joshua Church, our guest for today, believes in the power of the cold and its ability to change lives. He seeks to give high performers the tools to tap in, dream bigger, recover quicker, and push farther.

Joshua and his cousin Rob discovered the healing powers of cold water therapy while training for their first Ironman Triathlon together. After building a cold tub and using it every day while training, they quickly became addicted to the cold and obsessed with sharing this secret weapon with others. They engineered The Edge Tub to make cold water therapy practical, portable, and accessible to high performers everywhere.

During our discussion, you will discover the power of cold therapy in fat loss, performance and longevity. Joshua explains how he got into the cold therapy space, the ideal number of times to do a cold plunge, and the psychological benefits of cold therapy. He also talks about how cold therapy helps in performance, improves the aging process, and increases your ability to burn fats.  I hope you enjoy listening to this episode. Tune in for more!


Episode resources:



[08:50] How Joshua got into cold therapy research

[12:12] Getting the Edge Theory Labs devices to the market

[18:56] The benefits of the cold

[22:55] The ideal number of times to do the cold baths

[25:43] Psychological benefits of cold therapy

[30:14] How cold thermogenesis helps your ability to burn fats

[32:46] How cold therapy helps in performance and repair

[34:01] How cold therapy helps improve the aging process

[37:00] Cold therapy for older people

[38:35] The protocol of doing a cold plunge

[47:52] Post cold bath activities to keep you going

[50:01] Nutritional therapy to enhance cold thermogenesis

[52:13] Breathwork in cold therapy


Notable quotes:

  • “We are responsible for our health, happiness, and strengths.”
  • “When you do the cold therapy regularly, you are going to build more brown fats, which will burn more white fats that you don’t want. And this is how cold thermogenesis helps in fat burning.”
  • “Train hard but recover harder.”


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