Just to let you know you may not be as healthy as you think -on the inside out. You may look fit and strong on the outside but how do you know if you are fit and strong on the inside?

External chronic stress, including doing anything too much or too long, can accumulate and contribute to your individual case of MEATABOLIC CHAOS. Then add HIDDEN internal chronic stressors to the mix …we now experience (sometimes unknowingly) a domino effect of internal breakdown and burnout of body systems.

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You can stop blaming the aging process and accepting these random health issues as your new normal. You may not need to be struggling- as we just need to investigate the layers to discover the WHY(s). For your information, I still haven’t seen a client who has a strong immune system as per our functional lab tests as the GI Map.

For example- the Immune Response marker Secretory IgA is LOW in everyone I have tested this year.

Immune Boosters by Dr. Jockers here

What are you doing to improve your health, build up your immune system and resiliency??

Let’s investigate what is actually going on under the hood instead of guessing and assuming your are fit and healthy!

We should all be striving to build up our immune system for the day we could be exposed to CV… don’t you want to be have all of your self-defense team players fit, strong and resilient to easily fight off viruses, pathogens and other bad bacterias?

Test and not guess with my online individualized Health (RE) Building Coaching programs.

For example from the GI MAP functional lab test (stool test you take at home and ship your poop back to the lab directly!)…

Immune Response Markers: SIgA – Immunoglobulin A is the primary immunoglobulin in the intestinal mucosa. It represents a “first line of defense” inresponse to antigens and pathogens in the GI and respiratory tracts. In addition to protecting against pathogens, SIgA plays amajor role in helping to maintain balance in the microbiome and protecting against exposure to food-derived antigens.

Low Fecal SIgA – The gut immune system is suppressed. Investigate underlying causes, such as chronic dysbiosis, antigen exposure, chronic stress, immunocompromised patient, or even protein malnutrition.

Therapeutic Approaches for Low SIgA Levels:
» Address any chronic GI infections, if appropriate

» Address microbiome imbalances

» Address chronic stress and adrenal health, if needed

» Colostrum or immunoglobulins

» Supplement with S. Boulardii

» GI mucosal support with glutamine

» Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria probiotics

» General immune support

» Essential fatty acids

» Zinc

» Address other imbalances on the GI-MAP

High Fecal SIgA – Elevated immune response to antigens in the GI tract. Investigate underlying causes, such as chronic dysbiosis, acute infections, acute stress, or food sensitivities.

Therapeutic Approaches for High SIgA Levels:

» Address GI infections

» Address any food allergies and sensitivities

» General immune support

GI Map

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Let’s strive to be fit and healthy on the INSIDE and OUT!

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The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts

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