Get a Jumpstart on Transforming the WHOLE you from the inside out in 2020!

The WHOLESTIC Method Health Detective Packages:  let’s start collecting data and put the missing pieces of the puzzle together to solve your mystery of your unexplained symptoms…or you just want to optimize your health and performance in LIFE to improve the aging process. 

Let’s work together to investigate the WHOLE you with the FDN investigative 3-step process and get your started on your transformational journey so you can soon feel energetic, grateful and inspired to thrive each day.

3-Month Jumpstart Program:

  • Get started on your healing and rebuilding journey
  • Start working on your transformation program with D.R.E.S.S.
  • Identify your external and H.I.D.D.E.N. internal chronic stressors
  • Five 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Six 15-minute check-in coaching sessions
  • One 80-minute Results & Recommendations Coaching session
  • Start with three or the big five  functional lab tests to get started:  additional fee
    • Stress hormones ($212) or Dutch Hormone Test ($399)
    • Gut pathogens ($275) or GI Map ($359)
    • Metabolic Assessment Profile ($155)
    • Leaky Gut IP Test ($110)
    • MRT Food Sensitivity Test ($335)
  • 90-Day “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” Protocol
  • Learn about your individualized recommendations to optimize the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve performance and longevity
  • Nutritional Therapy Assessment
  • DNAFit Report Assessment- upload your raw data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA into DNAFit
  • Work together to identify your
    • Your main health concerns
    • Your sources of dysfunction and imbalances
    • your main healing opportunities
  • Coaching sessions to learn the tools how to rebuild the WHOLE you to reach your goals and solve your concerns including “The WHOLESTIC Method” elements
  • Personalized recommendations for nutrition (including digestion and gut health), sleep, exercise, stress reduction, and ideal supplementation to provide the support your cells are missing that are necessary to optimize health from a cellular level = Transform The WHOLE you with “The WHOLESTIC Method” Coaching style
  • Guide the WHOLE you towards fat loss, peak performance gains and longevity (improving the aging process)
  • Regain energy and reduce fatigue!
  • Thrive and feel alive each day- and ready to survive the daily battles of life

The WHOLE You Coaching Packages:

3-month program:  session rates include prep work, video conference call and follow up.

  • 5 x 45-minute sessions ($400 value per session) = $2000 value (two the first month then one each month)
  • 1 x 80-minute R & R session = $900 value (once lab results are collected and assessment completed with 90-day protocol)
  • 6 x 15-minute accountability check-in call ($100 value) = $600 value  (schedule as needed during the coaching program)

Value:  $3100

  • Package Price:  $1797 when paid in full
  • Monthly Payments: $697 x 3 monthly payment installments
  • Additional fees: well chosen five labs plus recommended supplements apx. $1100-$1300 total

If you are ready to commit to your new total body and mind transformation program – you may be interested in the 6-month or 9-month coaching programs.

A few of my thoughts about The FDN Health Detective Packages:  Individualized & Personalized health coaching programs.

  • Health Detective Services to help you resolve the crime of “METABOLIC CHAOS” and solve your health puzzle
  • Let’s put the missing pieces of your puzzle together working on the WHOLE you from the inside out
  • We are all unique bio-individuals with different genetics, history, activity levels and stressors
  • Stop being stuck in the cycle of “Trial & Error” by addressing only one lab at a time (while spending more money and losing valuable time on your healing journey!
  • Stop struggling alone… I have been there, and I shared my personal story in my book to help create awareness and inspire others to slow down, push pause and reset more frequently!
  • FDN Practitioners use well chosen functional labs and resources to educate our clients as well as provide them with the tools needed to rebuild and restore back to optimal levels.
  • We look at the WHOLE picture and work together to put the missing pieces of the puzzle together …We look “under the hood” to investigate your unexplained symptoms.
  • The struggle is real…many athletes are FIT on the outside but UNHEALTHY on the inside (or “under the hood”)!  Is that you?  How do you know unless you do functional lab testing?  Start TESTING instead of GUESSING! 
  • Don’t ignore the red flags as the domino effect of METABOLIC CHAOS slowly begins to evolve
  • Let’s locate the missing pieces of your puzzle back together with the FDN Practitioner investigation into your METABOLIC CHAOS crime scene. 
  • Are you living life as a race?  Learn from my experience if you want to avoid burn out and breakdown from the inside out. 
  • Are you struggling each day with chronic fatigue, weight gain, depression, sleep disturbances and other unexplained symptoms!? 
  • Don’t you want to feel as yourself best self again? 
  • Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out to feel ALIVE & THRIVING each and every day
  • Resolve your unexplained random chronic health conditions
  • Heal and rebuild the WHOLE you from the inside out
  • FEEL Better-MOVE Better-LOOK Better from the inside out.

Chronic Stress-Related Dysfunctions

  • Symptoms & Lab Values
  • HPA axis and adrenal dysfunction
  • Cortisol dysregulation, circadian rhythm problems
  • Hormone dynamics and imbalances
  • Poor nutrient breakdown and absorption
  • Pro-oxidant vs. antioxidant imbalances
  • Sluggish liver, Detoxification
  • Dysbiosis and gut malfunction
  • Antigenic overload and pathogenic conditions
  • Bacteria and yeast overgrowth
  • Biofilm, Biotoxins
  • Inflammation, Immunodeficiency

“We identify healing opportunities and apply wellness principles” ~ Reed Davis

Learn more about the FDN Health Detective Investigative process on my blog and podcast