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Holiday Special: Tips to Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain with Coach Debbie Potts

Special episode with Coach Debbie to dive into five “biohacks” to avoid the typical holiday season weight gain but still enjoy the season and your family traditions!

Tips to avoid the typical holiday weight gain this season! Do you know how to avoid gaining weight this holiday season?

Here are five biohacks to avoid the holiday weight gain:

1.  STRESS management!  Every stress response is a blood sugar response- so if you want to manage your glucose levels to avoid the blood sugar roller coaster ride then stop, pause and reset with nasal breathing exercises.

Box Breathing:   How to do box breathing

  1. Breathe out slowly, releasing all the air from your lungs.
  2. Breathe in through your nose as you slowly count to four in your head.
  3. Hold your breath for a count of four.
  4. Exhale for another count of four.
  5. Hold your breath again for a count of four.
  6. Repeat for three to four rounds.

2. Test and not guess if that food or meal – or stressful experience impacts your glucose level.  I like to test my glucose and ketones with Keto Mojo or use a CGM as from NutriSense for 1-3 months (14-day per sensor). 

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Enjoy the Holiday Season with your family and friends! Make each day the best day ever – and be grateful!

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