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Episode #476 Narado Zeco Powell on Metabolic Flexibility

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Narado Zeco Powell is a Certified Lumen Metabolic Coach with seven fitness and nutrition certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association. The large knowledge base allows him to work with various clients and design programs specific to his client’s needs.  He shares his knowledge with others via social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. He is passionate about educating others and hopes to continue to learn, grow and adapt so that he can bring the most up-to-date and actionable content to his clients, followers, and subscribers.

During our discussion, you will learn the difference between health and fitness, the biggest changes in Narado’s healthy living, tips to become a fat burner, and the causes of sugar addiction. You will also discover the importance of weight training in slowing the aging process, the possibility of burning fat while not in nutritional ketosis, and the ways to primarily burn fat and use carbs as backup fuel. Tune in to learn more!


[02:30] Narado Zeco Powell’s background information

[14:30] The difference between health and fitness

[16:20] The biggest changes in Narado’s healthy living

[18:24] Tips to becoming a fat burner

[23:43] How endurance athletes can overcome the addiction to sugars

[27:55] The causes of sugar addiction

[36:21] Narado’s definition of metabolic flexibility and how it helps in fat loss and performance

[46:03] The fear of carbohydrates

[51:29] The importance of weight training in slowing down the aging process

[52:09] The possibility of burning fats while not in nutritional ketosis

[54:29] Is it gold to burn fats as a primary fuel and carbs as a backup fuel?

[01:00:51] Matching nutrition with exercise

[01:04:44] Top three tips to help people lose weight


Notable quotes:

  • “If you don’t understand your body, you may have difficulty putting ketosis into your life.”
  • “We all need good health, fitness, and happiness.”
  • “As an athlete, you can perform well in ketosis, but having the glycogen for use when needed is something we need to do.”
  • “If your stress levels are too high, even if you eat what you are supposed to, you can still be in a primary fat burning state.”


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