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Let’s all GET healthy from the inside out!

As a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and FDN Practitioner, I have created an individualized The WHOLESTIC Method Health (RE) Building Coaching Program to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out!

We work together to optimizing function of the body systems and decrease or eliminate contributors to the “METABOLIC CHAOS” that has created various unexplained symptoms in the individual. 

Overcome individual obstacles to healing, repairing and functioning at optimal level! 

DISTRESS or CHRONIC STRESS leads to loss of domino effect of internal chaos and chronic inflammation …

  1. Homeostasis
  2. Dysfunction
  3. Dis-Ease
  4. METABOLIC Chaos

If we don’t start by working NORTH to SOUTH, then we don’t work on re-correcting the HIDDEN Stressors.  We don’t want to just treat the symptoms- as the real “areas of opportunity” may continue to deteriorate and health concerns increase.  Our job as practitioners is to look upstream and use labs, along with lifestyle improvements (DRESS for Success Health Program) to improve our client’s vital reserve, strategic reserve and metabolic reserve.

FDN Practitioner Founder, Reed Davis

As a health coach and practitioner, I help my clients adapt new behaviors and therapies to help guide them back to energy, vitality and feeling alive again. 

Don’t you want to feel ALIVE and THRIVE each day!?  Why do people just choose to SURVIVE each day and push through until the next weekend or vacation?

We need to identify our external sources of CHRONIC STRESS and then investigate our HIDDEN internal sources of CHRONIC STRESS that are contributing/leading us to METABOLIC CHAOS! 

What does your gut function look like?

As FDN Practitioner and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I combine well-chosen functional lab tests to help guide us on our full investigation along with Nutritional Therapy assessment, functional evaluation (local clients) as well as suggest a 90-day protocol to restore vitaliity and bring the body systems back into homeostasis.   Then we can implement information (additional clues) from your DNAFit genetic assessments for exercise, nutrition, detoxification, stress and more.  The WHOLESTIC Method Coaching program is a very individualized program as there is no one size fits all approach to healing your body from the inside out

Steps to resolving METABOLIC CHAOS as an FDN Practitioner:

  1. Assess underlying conditions and contributors to “Metabolic Chaos” includes a comprehensive investigation including detailed history and well-chosen functional lab testing.  We run labs to help identify HEALING opportunities and malfunctions within the internal HIDDEN Stressors… as it is the hidden internal stressors and malfunctions underlying most chronic health complaints:
    1. Hormone system
    1. Immune system
    1. Digestive system
    1. Detoxification system
    1. Energy systems
    1. Nervous System

The test results are not the problem- they give us insights to the problems or areas of opportunity that need improvement and support to function at optimal levels.  We can work together with the labs and assessment to put the pieces of the puzzle together and a pathway will reveal itself that will help restore order in the body systems so we can reach ideal homeostasis, so all “engines” body systems run at optimal levels.

  • Customize a “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Program” – includes lab guided and individualized protocols to be included in the clients personalized “The WHOLESTIC Method” Plan.
  • The Health Coaching Process begins!  We focus on coaching up function while coaching down contributors to “METABOLIC CHAOS”.  As we start our new journey together, we adjust and corrections as needed based on the body’s feedback in order to reach the overall goal- homeostasis so the client feels better, looks better and moves better!  The client ideally will end up feeling better as “we figure out what is wrong and help fix it” -Reed Davis, the founder of FDN Practitioner program.
  • STRESS & HORMONE Profiles.  We look at the HPA Axis (dys) function with the DUTCH Complete lab testing to measure cortisol, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, oxidative stress, neurotransmitters and melatonin to get a snapshot of overall adaptive vital and metabolic reserves to guide us as practitioners which areas we should investigate further as well as for baseline data.  We will evaluate with the DUTCH Complete lab testing:
    • Cortisol dysregulation
    • Circadian rhythm problems
    • Sex hormone imbalances

Chronic stress leads to METABOLIC CHAOS!  Results of METAOBLIC CHAOS – dysfunction contributes to METABOLIC CHAOS. 

Where are your imbalances hiding?

The root CAUSES may be unknown, but we can have an impact on the area out of whack.

  • Metabolic Assessment Profile:  assess gut, toxicity, liver, maldigestion, dysbiosis, oxidative stress, free radicals, poor detoxification, hepatic circulation; Identifies multiple healing opportunities, areas of opportunity to improve, and direct measurement of liver congestion.
Why do you experience those unexplained symptoms? Don’t blame your age!

Dysfunction in these areas contribute to METAOBLIC CHAOS!

  • Intestinal permeability: “leaky gut”, assess mucosal barrier function:  nutrient assimilation, penetration immune system.  A healthy mucosal barrier protects the very sensitive inside of our bodies from the very toxic outside world.
  • GI Pathogen Screening:  assess pathology, dysbiosis, overgrowth, infestation.  We identify pathogens, overgrowth and biofilms that prevent healing and contribute to METABOLIC CHAOS.

We don’t treat the lab results… we treat each client’s bio-individuality. 

The secrets to unraveling the METABOLIC CHAOS!

  •  Food Sensitivity Testing and ZOOMERS:  test up to 210 IgG and IgA reactive foods, avoid consuming for 3 months then re-introduce one at a time!  Food sensitivity tells us much more about a person than which foods to avoid so they “stop putting gasoline on the fire”.

“The lab results are not the problem- they are a result of the problem.  We identify healing opportunities and apply wellness principles”- Reed Davis, Founder FDN

How do we create the program after we assess the client’s history and lab work?

The next step is how to create an individualized program for the client.  Warning- we, as FDN Practitioner and as an NTP Practitioner, do not diagnose health concerns. 

We don’t treat anything specifically, but we treat the WHOLE you – every cell, tissue, organ and system are affected at once!

Reed Davis of the FDN Program create the “DRESS for Health Success Program” – a system that makes sense as well as perfect addition to my The WHOLESTIC Method program! 

D- diet

R- rest

E- exercise

S- stress reduction

S- supplements

As your health coach, I will be putting a program together based on all of this information- clues we have collected and identifed, including nutritional therapy assessment, observations, labs and genetic assessment (DNAFit and StrateGene) we collect on our journey to help transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method.

We will support the “areas of opportunities” to get all parts in alignment to work together at optimal level – just as working on your car engine to function efficiently needs the parts in working order, gas, oil and tires in alignment! 

The WHOLE you work together from the inside and out…when one system or part is out of alignment then we have a domino effect of imbalances or as Reed Davis calls it… METABOLIC CHAOS! 

I am excited to work with you and help you feel your best self finally- especially as you already have a head start on the lifestyle habits but we will work on individualizing your program for you and add consistency!

Here is the link to schedule a call with me here to discover about the best package for your needs, goals and personality.

Once you sign up – then I will have your information to order the labs then I will send you intake forms from Nutri-Q and get your labs ordered.

I would suggest for your main health concerns to measure:

  1. GI Map- gut pathogens,bacteria and yeast
  2. Organic Acids Test- metabolites
  3. Vibrant Wellness Food Sensitivity Test & Zoomers
  4. DUTCH Complete – hormones & more

Let me know if you are ready to invest in your health here and we can get started on ordered your labs today!

Individual Lab Pricing For A La Carte Options

  • Precision Analytica Dutch Complete- Cortisol & Hormone Panel- $260
  • Diagnostic Solutions GI Map- Gut Bacteria, Parasite, Yeast & Health Screen – $359 lab fee +$100 medical director fee
  • Organic Acids Testing – Great Plains Lab -$309 lab fee + $100 director fee
  • Vibrant Wellness Food Sensitivity + Four Zoomers – $400 + $150 medical director fee
  • *Cyrex Array #10 Food Sensitivities – $580 lab fee + $100 medical director fee
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Typing- $189

Debbie Potts

Health Coach, Author, Speaker & Podcaster

Host of ‘The Low Carb Athlete’ Health Building Podcast

Creator of ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ Coaching Program



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