This past year, ironically of all years in our history, friends have been making comments on how HAPPY I look in my pictures.

YES, I am HAPPY now.

I realized that I am finally happy this past few months. Ironically, I never was aware that I was unhappy!

Funny that you don’t know what happiness is about until you uproot your life and change your surroundings.

How do you know if your current fast paced life and career is breaking you down?

Maybe we don’t really know how much better we could thrive each day until we get outside of our daily routine and bubble. That is why a vacation is always beneficial or an escape for your daily routine.

Do we settle for how we feel each day and accept our way of living life as our “normal”… it is what is is?

OR are we able to create who we want to be and set our intentions for the life we want to have in our future?

WHY do I feel happy, vibrant and energized for life?

Actually, I didn’t know I was not happy until we moved last summer from Seattle to North San Diego to improve our “Quality of Life” (#QOL). One of the benefits of CV19 is that my husband and I started to both work full time online, as the rest of the world, and be remote. This new change in our work allowed us to work anywhere in the country – as long as it was near a main airport for my husbands job and the ocean for my well-being!

For most of my life, I have dreamed about living in Southern California near the ocean with the sunshine, blue skies and palm trees! The new online job and being “forced” out of personal training clients in person allowed me to finally follow my dreams, my purpose and my passion.

My past job for over twenty five years finally was breaking me down and creating a source of chronic stress. The crazy hours and demand of a personal trainer, as well as coach and athlete, left me with little time with my spouse/best friend, getting enough sleep or having much spare time- even thought I was doing the job that brought me joy and happiness as I love helping others look, feel and perform their best in life. My health was being sacrificed along the way and I didn’t realize how drained I was until CV19 hit and my schedule was wide open!

Suddenly I didn’t have to wake up at 4:30 AM and I wasn’t getting home at 6 PM or 7 PM anymore. I found more hours in the day to go for my own workout then walking and yoga. Plus I had time to have a meal with my husband and time to relax!

I never knew about relaxing at night during the weekdays! I felt guilty in the beginning of watching a T.V. Show (recorded as I hate commercials!) on a “school night”. I was able to get my sleep and leave time to get outside a few times a day for nature walks in the fresh air.

Do you just dream of waking up in the morning feeling energetic, happy and thriving?

I have woken up many mornings just dreaming that I was my “old self” again -the struggle is real, and I know you maybe able to relate to my health journey.

For years I was searching for instant results to feel myself again, but doctors said there was nothing wrong with me and my lab results said I was “normal”.

How many times have you heard that your “lab results look normal,” or experts focused on the symptoms rather than looking for what is causing them?

That was me starting my personal mission in 2013 to figure out what happened to my body and vibrant self!

Are you sick and tired of feeling crappy each day as how I felt for years…?

  • I just wanted to wake up and jump out of bed full of energy to tackle the day
  • My dream was to fall asleep easily at night and not wake up at 2am with my “monkey mind” turned on.
  • I wanted to feel comfortable and confident in my own body – and clothes.
  • I wished losing weight (fat) was not so complicated and happened easily.
  • I wanted my skin rash on behind my ears to disappear.
  • I don’t want to feel embarrassed to see old friends and peers as I felt that they would judge me and talk behind my back.
  • I felt so tired of always trying to figure out what was wrong with myself that I couldn’t lose weight or feel happy again.
  • I was so sick of having PMS symptoms for weeks!
  • I was exhausted of always looking for a new doctor or new expert to help me get the answers and solutions I was looking for each day.
  • I don’t want to struggle in workouts anymore- I want to feel strong and fast again.
  • I was done with searching on the internet for solutions to my health problems.
  • I am so tired of people, doctors and experts just telling me I am getting older and my symptoms are a part of the aging process!

Today, my focus in training the WHOLE individual (from the inside out) to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance – THE WHOLESTIC Method approach!

Most my clients are not athletes at all but struggling to get results from other doctors and practitioners who treat the symptoms and not look at the WHOLE person. 

Over a year ago, I added functional lab testing into my comprehensive online individualized health coaching client’s packages- and it brings my so much joy and happiness!  Since January 2020, my focus is to coach people up their optimal self- as I am now a type of Health “Detective”, an FDN Practitioner and FNTP, we investigate what is actually going on under the hood to put the missing pieces of the puzzle back together again. 

My wish is for you to feel your best, look your best and perform your best in life every day.

You deserve to live your best life and thrive each day.

If you could wave a magic wand right now- what would you wish for? 

You have three wishes you can ask for today.

If one of your wishes is to get your body and vibrant self-back again- I am here to tell you that it is possible- with the right tools and resources, we then can finally help you put the missing pieces of your individual health puzzle back together so you can feel, look and perform as your best self again (or for the first time!).  For years, I was taking one step forward and two steps backward as I was stuck in the “cycle of trial and error” and I recently realized that I was not really slowing down my fast pace lifestyle as I was addicted to being busy!

Until the worldwide pandemic hit in March 2020, I didn’t realize how busy I still was each day- even thought I was not training at the high levels as in my previous life, nor was I teaching two to six fitness classes a day.  The pandemic forced us to stay home and hopefully reflect on our quality of life.  I always say, based on my own experience, “we can’t out supplement poor lifestyle habits” and we can’t out exercise a bad diet. 

For my personal story, I was eating low-carb real food and a fat burning athlete (metabolically efficient) but my sources of constant external and hidden internal sources of chronic stress were overpowering the benefits of low carb eating and exercise. Now I always say “more is not always better… sometimes less is more” as too much of anything can lead to toxicities and too little of anything can lead to deficiencies. This is what I refer to as “The Goldilocks Effect”!

I am sure you can relate to learning something about yourself in 2020 and how you maybe finally had an “ah-ha” moment of your health struggles and journey.  So much of our transformational journey includes healing at a deeper level – requiring us to reflect on who we are and who we want to be in life.  There always seems to be something deeper going on inside of us- physically, spiritually and mentally. 

For example, for years I searched for answers to figure out why I was struggling with unexplained weight gain, fatigue and digestive issues but no one ever ran the Organic Acids Test to go with the other functional lab tests, nor did they look at the WHOLE picture to put the missing pieces together.  Not until I became a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner in 2019, did I run multiple labs at once, including the OATS test and correlate all of my clues together with a health coach and medical director review of the lab tests.  We don’t treat the lab results- we treat the WHOLE person as a unique individual.

I knew something deeper was going on with my health that no on looked at- and I am sure my self-empowerment skills could have been improved as well as I was burned out, exhausted and discouraged.

Do you feel as if no one is listening to your story, your struggles and your health concerns?

I am sure you are similar to me, (especially if you are still reading this blog!) that you have seen multiple specialists who tell you are normal, or they run functional lab tests then give you a huge, long list of supplements to take three times a day… or medications or therapeutic protocol that will get your body and my vibrant self-back again?!  Sometimes they work but sometimes they don’t work – especially if you are unique as me!  I am sure you understand that there is not one size fits all approach to solve of our health mysteries -but you continue on the quest to find the program that is the best fit for your needs, goals and personality.

What if you could get your body and vibrant self-back again so you can thrive and feel alive each day?? 

I am sure you are craving to figure out what is your WHY and what is holding you back from feeling, looking and living your best life.  Right?

You are not alone. 

I was told so many times that my labs looked “normal”, even when I continued to gain weight without changing my food or exercise routine.  One acupuncturist even told me that my health concerns were just a normal part of aging- I was just getting older (and I was only 42 years old at the time!).

As with most other practitioners, we all have a story to share and share similar struggles.  We were all on our own quest -searching for answers and the magic solutions alone.  We all just wanted to feel like our “old self” again and go back in time to figure out our WHY…why me?!

Well now I am “paying it forward” by being the health practitioner that I always wanted someone to be for me!!  I want to be that health investigator for you to figure out your missing pieces of your unique puzzle so you can repair, rebuild and restore the WHOLE you back to the person you love and cherish.

Here are the three steps that I did for myself and now I take my Health (RE) Building coaching clients through in my packages so they can become fat burners, optimize their health and improve their performance in daily life activities.

Step one: Determine which foods are best for your unique body

  • We work on WHAT you eat
  • When you eat
  • Why you are eating
  • How you are eating

What if you are doing all the “right” things but still gaining weight?

For years I was doing fasted morning workouts, eating low-carb and real food while training to be a fat-adapted, metabolically efficient top age group endurance athlete (triathlons). I was doing all the “right” things but I still broke down and burned out my body systems – starting at a cellular level and damaging (my assumption and OATS test results) Mitochondria damage.

I thought I was happy racing, coaching clients, leading group fitness classes and operating my own small business (fitness studio) but now I finally realized that my job was my major source of CONSTANT CHRONIC STRESS- on top of my busy, fast pace, athletic lifestyle. The financial stress was unbelievable – as well as the constant work to market to new clients, create new client retention programs, fat loss challenges and hiring new staff. My job was stressing me out 24/7 for ten years.

I wish I knew what I know now… but that experience would not have defined my purpose and creating my passion.

There is a reason on of the elements is HAPPINESS!

Are you really HAPPY?

I didn’t know how unhappy I was until CV19 hit last year.   Now that I have drastically changed my life since last March 2020, I have become more aware that I wasn’t as happy as I could be in the past eight years. 

WHY was I not as happy as I could be or as happy as I feel today? 

My body and vitalty changed as I knew it back in March 2013, and my new personal health journey started for me as an individual as well as re-defining my purpose and passion in life.

I have always loved helping other ambitious, high performing individuals look, feel and perform their best in life BUT I figured out early on in my health/fitness career that I was not able to help people live their best life and feel their best self by coaching their exercise program alone- or even just exercise and nutrition program.

The struggles are real for many of us… we can’t all lose FAT weight and improve our RESILIENCY in life by just switching up our nutrition and exercise program. 

If you have followed my story that I shared in my book LIFE IS NOT A RACE and on my blog as well as podcast over the years, I went from being in the best shape of my life and performing my best in my athletic career to feeling my worst in my life in three months.  Warning – I was doing fasted workouts, training and eating to improve my metabolic efficiency and eating low carb.

The WHOLESTIC Method Manual & Workbook by Debbie Potts
I wrote an entire chapter on HAPPINESS in my manual (Amazon)

I learned first hand that CHRONIC STRESS impacts the WHOLE you from the inside out …leading to one “diagnosis” METABOLIC CHAOS®!

My happy, vibrant self was lost in March 2013, as I started to obviously struggle with unexplained weight gain, fatigue, food sensitivities, and HIDDEN internal sources of CHRONIC stressors (since my “gut guards” were not doing their job). 

I thought I changed my life enough the past eight years to reduce my sources of external stress but until last year, when we were forced to stop doing our life as usual everyday, that I was not loving my life as I should be each day.

My ten years of being a small business owner, Fitness Forward Studio, was a constant stress for me.  For some stubborn reason, I continued to renew my lease after the first five years- then renew for another two years then another two years…until finally the building was going to come down and I was informed that I had less than a year to stay in my current location.  I could stay a little longer and then relocate into a new space and new lease.  I now realized that I should have closed my business after the first five years as the industry was growing and getting more competitive which resulted in constant stress for myself to always be creative, re-invent the business and keep one step ahead of the trends.  STRESS comes in all forms – external and internal stressors.

What are your external stressors? Do you have any energy robbers or energy vampires?

Let me know your triggers, red flags and symptoms of METABOLIC CHAOS that you may be experiencing as I once did in my journey!

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