Before I start with a new client to help build their health to improve performance and longevity – they need to pass a “test” before we begin the 90-day program (or longer) together. We begin the “interview” process before we commit to starting the health rebuilding program and resolving an individual’s METABOLIC CHAOS.

In order to be an effective FDN-practitioner and health coach for a specific client that comes to me to help solve their METABOLIC CHAOS, I need to clear in my explanations, as well as the expectations of the client, before I also commit to the relationship and new journey working together.  I need to make sure that the client is understands the FND process and investment (time and financial), as well as is motivated and committed for the duration.   On a scale of motivation 1-10, with 10 being the most highly motivated, I hope the client is at a “8-10” if we are going to work together. 

The client needs to be committed before we get started on our coaching relationship- as we as their coach will spend a lot of valuable time looking at the labs, clinical correlation and putting together their DRESS FOR HEALTH SUCCESS Protocol to help them “feel better” from the inside out. 

We don’t diagnosis or treat but rather look for healing opportunities then help a client heal EVERYTHING non-specifically.  We trust the process but don’t offer any guarantees.  I need to create the right expectations to the client before we agree to continue on the program and accept payment.  Once the “deal is closed”, with the appropriate questions in the client interview then we should both be excited on the new health coach-client relationship to help them recover and rebuild from METABOLIC CHAOS!

Successful outcomes are dependent on individual limitations, some may be hidden in complexities in the mind and emotions of the individual you are working with.  We have little or no control over the people or the outcomes -BUT we can control who we work with… so if I do not feel confident in the relationship with the potential client then I will not continue. Successful outcomes are the result of CAREFUL consideration of which clients to work with and by creating realistic and reasonable expectations.

The struggle of METABOLIC CHAOS is real…and I have been there for a long time myself.  I understand that you must be ready to work on your lifestyle changes and follow a protocol or else it is a difficult process to heal and rebuild the body back to homeostasis.  Commitment is needed but also a good working client-coach relationship is necessary.   I will “interview” the client before I agree to take them on as a client.

Once we begin our healing journey together, we will identify healing opportunities by taking careful histories and clinically correlating the results from the well-chosen functional labs.  The client will need to be pre-screen for motivation and commitment as they are required to complete many detailed forms and conduct lab tests before we can create an individualized healing protocol. 

As you can see below, commitment and motivation are required to do the FDN Program or else the client is not ready.  The FDN Practitioner needs to provide an overview of the FDN process and provide insight on the commitment required to get results they are looking for from the process or as I like to say- the journey.  We can’t just guess on what is going on with the client – we need to test by running specific labs to help us identify the healing opportunities for that individual then clinical correlation the results with the rest of the data collected from that client. 

The key forms to get started once we complete the on-boarding interview so I can learn everything needed about the client to provide additional clues to solving their METABOLIC CHAOS puzzle together include:

  1. Metabolic Chaos Scorecard
  2. Adrenal Stress Causes (ASC) form
  3. Medical History Form
  4. Terms of Agreement form

Then once we get the forms signed then I will order and ship the labs directly to the client to complete on their own:

  1. BH205A Adrenal Stress Profile (plus V)
  2. BH101 Metabolic Assessment Profile
  3. BH110 Intestinal Permeability Test
  4. BH401h Gi Pathogen Screen
  5. Oxford MRT Food Sensitivity Assay
  6. Advanced Online Metabolic Typing Test (

The Onboarding Interview is key to the success of the program -as the client must “get it” before we accept them as a client.  As Reed Davis says… “resolving Metabolic Chaos takes a knowledgeable practitioner and a willing (and able) participant”!  By providing the client with the right expectations of the program will help us end with a successful outcome of the program.  As I interview the client in the initial consultation, I will form my own first impression to help me decide to accept taking on this new client and “close the  deal” then I will proceed by sending them the agreement and new client intake forms (after accepting payment for discussed package fees).

During the call with the potential new client, I will be grateful for the opportunity to share FDN and the process with the client to see if I can help them with their main health concerns or complaints. The goal of the conversation is to see if we can work together and if I can help them with their goals.  During the conversation, I will ask them eight main questions to evaluate their motivation and commitment to the program process as well as if our personalities work well together.  I need to know if they are able to follow the procedures and recommendations – including the financial and time commitment require to heal, restore and rebuild the whole body. 

After I explain my 90—day packages and types of payment as well as lab fees plus how to collect payment (Venmo or PayPal).  If the client is ready and we agree to work together, then we go to the next steps once payment is collected.  Once the payment is collected and we decide the start date, I will send them an email with the attached intake forms, including terms of agreement, and lab kit logistics that will drop shipped to them directly.  I will explain briefly about the lab tests and basics of sample collections as well as add information on lab test procedures into their email when ready to do lab testing. 

Once the kits are in the mail and they are ready to do the lab testing as instructed. Once the forms are all completed and lab results collected, then I can move to the next step on assessing METABOLIC CHAOS and their underlying contributors to METABOLIC CHAOS.  I will begin my comprehensive investigation of the client’s background and status by reviewing and interpretation their health forms and then their well-chosen functional labs once results are collected. 

The next step is to customize the “DRESS for HEALTH SUCCESS” lab guided, and individualized behavior protocols then run the health coaching program.  So if a client is not ready to commit and feel motivated to do the entire program, I don’t want to waste hours of my time reviewing their paperwork, lab results and clinically correlating results to solve their metabolic chaos puzzle -then I don’t want to take them onboard no matter how much money I collect from them.  Commitment is key so I need to be very clear in explaining the process and investment by asking the eight main questions before taking the client on.    If I sense they are not ready to start the health rebuilding program, then I will tell them to come back to me when they are ready to feel better on the inside and out! 

They need to be able to complete and follow through on the protocols -or else we don’t get the mutually agreed outcomes we discussed in our first initial meeting!   I want the client to come to me feeling a “8 to 10” on motivation to solve their main health complaints before they make a commitment to my health coaching and rebuilding program!  How ready are you to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out and solve your METABOLIC CHAOS?  I can’t provide promises or any guarantees… but a commitment to guiding them to rebuilding their health and provide them with the tools to regain their vitality. 

If they can’t afford my individualized 90-day health coaching programs, then I can refer them to my online 30-day group coaching programs to help them get started on their transformation and healing journey.  If their commitment level isn’t high enough- sometimes a group program is more beneficial and a more effective starting point to get them realize how much they need to sign up for the individualized coaching program.

Reminder –never give test results or interpretation of results unless signed terms of agreement and paid for services.

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