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What is my WHY?

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I hope you have read my personal story that I shared in my book “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” (available on Amazon here). When I first starting writing about my history, experiences and lifestyle habits, I was writing the book to help others as myself not go down this road…the road to being addicted to “busy-ness” and striving to be “super human”. I could only tolerate so much busy-ness and “living life as a race” for so many years before I “suddenly” became a broken and burned out peak performer in life and sports.

I was a small business owner in a competitive market with high rent (Fitness studio in Bellevue, WA), running the business, marketing, book keeping, personal training clients, teaching group circuit training classes, leading group monthly sugar detox programs and coaching athletes (triathletes and runners). Besides all of that, I was personally training at as a competitive top age group endurance athlete in Ironman Triathlons, 70.3 distance triathlons, long distance cycling events and running races. Also, I was/am married to my “all in one” husband, best friend, training partner, chef and home remodel worker! We were never able to get pregnant… I wonder why!?!

Life is NOT a Race… It is a Journey.

Enjoy the ride and be in the moment.

Did you lose your body and fitness as I did starting in 2013?

I went from being in the best shape of my life – to my worst shape and health of my life in just a few months.

Shocking news- this transformation from good to bad had NOTHING to do with my poor nutrition and lack of exercise.

Just the opposite. Perhaps I was eating too little and eating too infrequently as well as exercising too much.

I have learned that “The Goldilocks Effect” is true in so many areas of life and health!

Not too much, not too little…just the right amount to be optimal and lead to beneficial results.

How is your beaker of stress?


Life is not a Race… It is a Journey with ‘The WHOLSTIC Method’.

What drives you each day?  Let me share my story first and you let me know if you connect and relate to my journey.  I am on a mission to help others as myself to avoid taking the road I did back before I hit the burnout and breakdown point in March 2013.  Fast forward to today- my purpose is to share my story, my struggles and my experiences with YOU so you don’t take the wrong turn that I did years ago.

Are you tired of waking up feeling tired, fat and bloated? 

Are you being wide awake and staring at the ceiling around 2Am?

Do you look in the mirror and wonder who are you looking at in the morning?  Then feel depressed the rest of the day and your self-esteem is thrown down the toilet? 

Please don’t blame the aging process… the struggle is real, and you are not alone.

In 2013, I went from peak of my career as a top performing triathlete and small business owner, to gaining 30 lbs. of fat weight “overnight”, along with difficulty sleeping through the night (regular 2 AM wake up calls!) and loss of vitality.  I was feeling tired, depressed and far from my normal peppy self. 

What happened to me?  Why me?    

Why could no one help me return to my “normal self”? 

I wanted answers and immediate solutions.  So, I went from doctors to naturopath to functional medicine specialist to get answers.  “Nothing was wrong we you” reaction was not what I wanted to hear.  I spent a lot of money on functional lab tests and various supplements.  Then I spend more money being stuck in the “cycle of trial and error” buying supplements that I heard about on a podcast, in a book, on a website blog or in a seminar.  I felt desperate for help and a solution now…and this all started back in March 2013.  I did go in more depth (therapy for me) in my LIFE IS NOT A RACE book just to find out if people related to my story and experience.  Was I the only person out there struggling with quick weight gain, muscle loss, chronic fatigue, depression, blood sugar issues, food sensitivities and mood swings?

Do you feel frustrated, hopeless and embarrassed as I was for years?  

I was trying everything I could to get answers, support and a specific plan but nothing was working… it wasn’t necessarily the practitioner fault but my fault for expecting instants and expecting the magic pill to heal me today so I could wake up the next day back to the old me.  I wanted to be able to be fit, strong and capable of doing what I loved to do – swim, bike and run for miles.  My body and mind said differently.  I pushed my busy life, living life as a race, for too many years.  I was addicted to busy-ness and feeling superhuman.  I thought I was invincible. 

For years, I felt lost and thought no one could help me. 

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