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Attention all busy moms ages 40-50 years old to take my March Madness 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge …

I am looking for ten busy moms to take my March 11th The WHOLESTIC Method 5-day Jumpstart Challenge.

My new online program is designed to help busy moms stop, pause and reset.  Do you need to reboot your system and start putting on the oxygen mask on first?

We will work together on implementing healthy lifestyle and eating habits to help you feel better, look better, thing better and move better!  Get started on making time for yourself and learning new tips how to burn fat, improve your health at a cellular level and improve energy throughout the day.  Do you want to lose weight?  Sleep better?  Lower stress levels?  Get off the blood sugar roller coaster?  Coach Debbie Potts can help with her The WHOLESTIC Method program.

Cost:  $97 per person for the 5-day JUMPSTART or take the 30-day challenge for $497

We will meet online for a ZOOM video conference call on Friday March 8th then start our online program with daily optional calls on March 11th.

Get a JUMPSTART on taking care of the WHOLE you from the inside out to
burn fat, optimize health and improve performance.

We will work on the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method program.  Contact Debbie to get started! on taking care of you this spring!

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You are on your way to feeling and becoming the best version of yourself! Invite your friends to join you in this journey.  Share our free resources with your friends and family.  We can make an impact together with ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ approach to transforming the WHOLE you from the inside out to improve health, performance and longevity.

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