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#300: Reed Davis

Joining the podcast in this episode is Reed Davis. He has been a long-time mentor of Debbie’s and is the founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner program. The two will talk about the hidden, internal stressors that we don’t know about unless we do...

#297: TC Hale

TC Hale is our guest in this episode to discuss one of Debbie’s favorite topics: digestion. He has a background in personal training but realized that there’s more to getting people fit and healthy than personal training alone. It’s about what you eat, how you eat it,...

#294: Keto Savage

The founder of Keto Savage, Robert Sikes, is our guest in this episode. He is here to talk about how low carb relates to fuelling, training, and performing from a bodybuilding perspective, but also how it overlaps with the endurance world. Robert explains how he...

#291: Siim Land

Today Debbie is interviewing Siim Land, the author of Metabolic Autophagy and several other books. He is also a biohacking coach who talks about optimizing health, longevity, and performance. So many people are now getting involved with intermittent fasting, and Siim...

#245: John Marshall from MitoQ

John Marshall is in conversation with Debbie today to discuss mitochondria function. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at MitoQ, looking after everything from branding to content creation. When looking to improve his own mitochondria, John discovered MitoQ and was...

#244: Simon Ward

Joining us in this episode is Simon Ward. He is the founder of, the SWAT Inner Circle, and the High Performance Human podcast. He has been involved in the triathlon space for over thirty years as an athlete and over twenty years as a coach. Simon...

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