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Episode #481 Natalie Grasso and Debbie Potts

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Natalie Grasso, our guest for today, is a professional physique athlete, fitness model, and Mind/Body Transformation Coach who found healing through adopting a low-carb lifestyle over ten years ago and went on to build the body of her dreams. Having overcome a host of chronic health conditions, such as GERD, migraines, ulcers, dysmenorrhea, chronic sinusitis, mood disorders, and a life-long battle with binge eating and bulimia, Natalie’s passion and mission in life is to empower women to become strong and resilient, mentally, emotionally, and physically, so they can live in the bodies & lives they love!

During our discussion, you will discover how to be the CEO of your own health. Natalie shares how she got into low-carb nutrition and bodybuilding, how she understood her body after the relapse, and how athletes distract themselves from facing their emotions. She also talks about getting rid of stressors in your life and optimizing your fat loss, weight, and performance. Tune in to learn more!



[09:38] How Natalie got into low-carb nutrition and bodybuilding

[21:10] How athletes distract themselves from facing their emotions

[24:29] Tips for hiring the right support for your recovery

[29:14] How Natalie came to understand her body after the relapse

[40:00] Getting rid of stressors in your body

[41:55] Optimizing your fat loss, weight, and performance

[46:30] Why people struggle with fat loss


Notable quotes:

  • “Toxicity comes in all different forms and is something you need to look at as an individual if you are struggling with fat loss, performance, and general health issues.”
  • “Not eating enough for your body’s needs, not embracing weight training, and not connecting with yourself are the top three tips why people struggle with fat loss.”
  • “Food is medicine.”


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