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Are you ready to BURN FAT? Join the CLUB…

Are you ready to become a fat burner? Sign up for our new upcoming BURN FAT Club at Fitness Forward Studio with LEVL Now!

I’m excited to share the new LEVL device. With the LEVL device, a multi-user dashboard, and ongoing support, this metabolic tracking system will revolutionize the way we train and coach our clients. Deliver results for your client’s faster than ever with the power of LEVLpro:

· LEVL device calculates fat burn in a non-invasive, data-driven, clinically accurate manor.

· Breath acetone measurements, concentration of acetone (ketone bodies) in your exhaled breath, providing you with real time metabolic insights.

· Determine the effects of diet and exercise on our clients in real time, to tailor routines for optimal results.

LEVL is pioneering a new frontier in fat loss – via a simple breath. The LEVL device provides you with the metabolic insights you need to make real time choices about your nutrition and fitness. The LEVL device measures a chemical – acetone – in exhaled breath. Clinical research demonstrates a correlation between the amount of acetone (measured in parts per million or PPM) detected in the breath and body fat burned, giving you a reliable indicator of fat loss. A breath measurement of 2 PPM or greater indicates an elevated state of fat metabolism that should correspond to a loss of at least 1/2 lb. of body fat per week.

The LEVL device helps our clients understand how the foods they eat and different types of exercise effect their body. By knowing this information, your clients will be able to make the necessary changes to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve their overall wellness goals more efficiently than ever.

Our local clients will be able to join our monthly BURN FAT club for $49 per month – includes unlimited reading with LEVL Pro and program service.

Attend our BURN FAT seminar at FF Studio on June 4th to learn more – and invite your friends:

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