Part One:  How do to a 24-hour Gut Reset Fast

1. PHASE ONE: After working towards being fat adapted by eating nutrient dense real foods for at least 2 weeks -then work towards unintentionally being able to fast overnight 12-hours. I call this “unintentional fasting” occurs once you are an efficient fat burner after learning how, what, when and why you are eating. Once we discover how to eat for our unique bodies- by eating the right mix of macronutrients to feel full and satisfied for hours and lose sugar cravings.
a. Start to “break your fast” later in the morning and eat when you start to feel hungry.
b. If you stop eating three hours before bed time -which would be 7pm if you are in bed by 10pm, then 12 hours would be 7am and gradually work towards breaking your fast later in the morning around 10am or 11am depending on your activity level.
c. Fasting is the Absence of Eating.

2. PHASE TWO Bone Broth Gut Healing Fast: Intermittent Fasting 16 to 18 hours then time restricted feeding switches to a liquid food plan once a week with Bone Broth 3-6 cups and option to add healthy fats to the broth as Ghee, Grass Fed Butter, MCT oil, Olive Oil, or Coconut Oil. Try this one time a week then work up 1-3 day bone broth fast once a month.

Bone Broth Fast Benefits include: Ali Miller shares…
i. Improving weight loss and helping with weight maintenance
ii. Improves digestion and promotes a healthy gut due to the abundance of gelatin and amino acids
iii. Improves sleep and fights brain fog with the presence of glycine
iv. Collagen and glucosamine, and chondroitin strengthen tissues, reduce joint pain, and keep hair, skin, and nails healthy
v. Bone broth soothes the gut and reduces inflammation
vi. Stabilizes the blood sugar
vii. Reducing risk for diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart complications
viii. The gut lining damage can occur from stress alone and we see depleted levels of glutamine, an essential building block for the cells of our gut lining, under elevated stress.
ix. Beyond resting the gut, bone broth is rich in glutamine, collagen, and gelatin to support gut tissue repair to reset your gut integrity, reducing inflammatory stress while enhancing nutrient absorption at future meal
x. Fasting supports a reduction in insulin levels, which allows the body to access fat as a fuel source and when in a fasted state, the body makes more human growth hormone (HGH) which stimulates metabolism and has a muscle sparing effect.
xi. Bone broth is packed with minerals as well as amino acids, making it the perfect addition to extended fasting that will keep electrolytes stable versus a water fast alone!

3. PHASE THREE: once you feel comfortable with eating less frequently and efficient fat burning then introduce a 24-hour fast by stop eating after dinner then not eating until the next day at dinner. Also known as one meal a day or OMAD. WATER only, black organic coffee as Kion, herbal teas, and mineral water (Quinton and bottled mineral water).

Build up to 24-hour fast once a week: start with 12 hours then to 16 hours then once fat adapted progress to 24-hour fast once a week as per BG Detox protocol:

Ben Greenfield: Begin 24-hour fast after about 3-weeks of intermittent
fasting: pick your best day as Saturday dinner to Sunday dinner…

• At either breakfast, lunch or dinner on Saturday, begin a 24 hour fast until breakfast, lunch or dinner on Sunday.
• Continue to take all supplements.
• During the course of this fast, you can consume a maximum of TWO cups of each of the teas and bone broths in this program.
• You can also drink good, clean water liberally, and, especially if you are an athlete concerned about energy levels or muscle maintenance, can use any or all of the following:
o 1-2 cups of bone broth.
o Up to 30g of amino acids, split into 5-10g portions.
o 2-3 shots of trace liquid minerals or sea salt/lemon juice in water.
o 2-3 handfuls of ENERGYbits organic spirulina or chlorella (swallow or chew and use 20% discount code thelowcarbathlete)

Drink 1-2 cups of the following each day, preferably spread throughout the day:
Pau D’ Arco bark tea. Prepare exactly as described here (you can add stevia for flavoring).
Bone broth (highly recommend this Kettle & Fire brand if you are going to order).
Decoction tea – boil 1 to 2 tbsp each of organic chopped licorice root, organic marshmallow root and organic slippery elm bark in a pot filled with 2 quarts of water. If you can let it simmer overnight until just a 1/2 quart of water remains, it is even better, but if not, that is OK. Strain the mixture, save the liquid, discard the herbs and this should make 2 cups to sip on through the day.

Any of these ketones – KetoneAid or more on.

Chia seed slurry: fill 1/10 of the bottom of a glass mason jar or other container with 2-4 tablespoons of chia seeds, and the rest of the container with water. Refrigerate overnight. Try not to exceed consumption of 4 total tablespoons worth of chia seeds in the course of 24 hours (1 tablespoon=about 60 calories). You can add stevia, lemon juice, sea salt, etc. to this chia seed “slurry”.
For this, and for future weeks, when you break your fast try to begin with a light, easy-to-digest meal.

One of the best, most comprehensive guides on fasting and what you can and cannot include during a fast is the book “The Complete Guide To Fasting”.

Learn more on

See you next time as we dive into fasting methods then adjust for The Low Carb Athlete!

Coach Debbie



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