The Low Carb Athlete Partners with Kion!

I am excited to announce that I have partnered with Kion as I love their quality products and clean ingredients.  Who wouldn’t trust the source when Ben Greenfield is the founder of Kion?  If you know Ben, he is a perfectionist and he does his research before he puts his name on it.

Are you ready to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance?

My Favorite Kion Products:  Save up to 20% at Kion with my coupon “DEBBIE+KION

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  1. Kion Aminos = 20g; Pre or post workout plus I take before bed some nights
  2. Kion Creatine (for muscle building protocol) = 5g; Per day when lifting weights and brain health
  3. Kion Organic Coffee (decaf)  = clean, toxic/mold free coffee to make in my French Press
  4. Kion Lean:  when eating higher carb meal as at night or on “flex day” (once a week)
  5. Kion Flex:  take at night if injuries, inflammation, or sore muscles- especially after a long or hard workout.

Are you doing fasted morning workouts and worried about breaking down your precious muscle?

Try Kion Aminos caps before your workout and perhaps try them after the workout mixed with sea salt as Redmond’s Real Sea Salt.

What are the benefits of Kion Aminos?
● A premium blend of essential amino acids (EAAs) in a convenient, delicious drink
mix (cool lime or mixed berry), or capsules.
● Stay energized
● Boost athletic recovery
● Support lean muscle mass
● Low-Calorie, Guilt-Free Fuel
● All 9 essential amino acids
● No Artificial Ingredients
● 100% Plant-Based, perfect for all diets: Keto, Vegetarian, Paleo, you name it.

Stay tuned for more fueling, training and performance tips for The Low Carb Athlete!

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    2. Save 15% on bundles.
    3. Save 20% when you start a monthly subscription.
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